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Our Comic-Con Live Coverage Plans

We wanted to let all of you in on our coverage plans for this year’s Comic-Con.

First, we’re planning on updating the blog from Wednesday through Sunday, day and night. We’ll be experimenting with live photos and videos from the show floor, for as long and as often as we have a signal to upload the goods to the site. So be on the lookout for tons of sights and sounds directly from the big show.

Second, we’re going to live blog during panels to pass along the news as we hear it. Big panels, small panels, we want to bring you as much as we we think you’ll want to read. We also know many of you will be at the con, too; so we want to be your eyes and ears for the panels you won’t be able to attend.

Third, we fully accept that we even we won’t be able to attend every panel and event, so we’re going to look for you for help. In years past, we’ve had some readers provide us with reports of offsite events that we’ve posted to the site for everyone to read. We’d like to extend that to this year’s con as well. Every night we’ll be compiling readers’ comments and photos from panels and events to bring you best and the most complete coverage of each day at Comic-Con. If you would like your comments on the site, send us an email or tweet us at our Twitter account.

And speaking of Twitter, yes, we’ll be tweeting everything we post to the blog, as well as retweeting anything we see that we want to pass along to all of you. Suffice to say, we’ve been giving our thumbs a lot of practice the past few weeks so you’ve been forewarned!

Okay, we’re ready – let’s get this show on the road!

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