SDCC 2012 – Sunday Round-Up: Fringe, Doctor Who, Supernatural

As expected, the final day of the con went out with more of a whimper than a bang, with many spending the day relaxing or shopping around the exhibit hall. Still, Hall H stayed open for much of the day with a handful of much-loved TV panels so here’s some quick recaps of those:

Fringe – Tears were shed, standing ovations were had, and classy fedoras were given out at the show’s final panel ever. There was also a trailer for the upcoming season that they actually filmed during the previous one to convince Fox to renew it, and the panel revealed the new season will jump ahead to the year 2036 when the Observers have taken over the world. It was emotional, appreciative, and will be remembered by every Fringe fan for a very long time.

Supernatural – They haven’t even started shooting the new season yet, but the panel was very news heavy as they revealed some key plot points that fans were dying to know. Here’s a rundown: Dean won’t be in purgatory long, purgatory will be mostly in flashbacks, Sam might get a romantic interest,
and the creative forces are getting away from heavy mythology and aiming for over-arching mythology that will last in future seasons.

Courtesy of the Washington Post

Doctor Who – The chance to see the cast together for the final time drew hoards of fans to Hall H and it was hard to leave anything but happy. Clips from upcoming episodes were screened and some awesome new info was revealed. Get ready for dinosaurs in the second episode, the wild west in the third, and every generation of Daleks packing into the next season. Just like last year though, it didn’t take long for Matt Smith to totally charm the crowd and become the highlight of the panel.

Cleveland Show – Just like the panels yesterday (why wasn’t this one grouped with those again?) it was mostly an excuse for Seth MacFarlane to be funny and crack jokes at the audience. Not a bad thing by any means, but nothing to exciting or different.

Sons of Anarchy – A season for the upcoming season was shown but as someone with absolutely zero knowledge of the show, I’d direct you to TVFanatic for a full rundown of what news that revealed. Other than that, it was a bunch of actors that fans have grown to love being their funny and cool selves. What more could people ask for?

Keep checking the site in the next week as we’ll have some awesome wrap-up stuff including our best and worst of the con!

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