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SDCC Resale for Cancelled/Returned Badges Not Before May 15? [UPDATED]

Comic-Con Episode IV- A Fan's HopeFor those who weren’t able to purchase a badge to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con during the online sale a couple of weeks back, we have some information that might turn that frown upside-down.

Note that this information is unconfirmed, but is based on information pieced together from various sources.

Although CCI was updating people in the waiting room on the status of remaining tickets, we couldn’t help but notice they did not announce Thursday and Sunday one-day badges were sold out before sales were closed off altogether. That leads us to speculate that there are still unsold Thursday and Sunday badges which will be made available to folks during the inevitable cancelled/returned badges sale later sometime in May or June. And since CCI came out and acknowledged the technical issues members had during the sale, they might have decided to cut sales off early while they investigated the reported refresh problems with the waiting room.

Earlier this week we started seeing on Twitter that people who upgraded their badges a couple of weeks ago are now receiving emails that their previous badges have been refunded. These refunded badges will most likely be put up for sale when the cancelled/returned badges are available for sale in the coming months.

In addition, registration for verified press began today and will last through May 31, and we’ve already seen folks on Twitter who decided to “double-down” on their chances to attend the con, having purchased badges on their own in the event their press access did not come through, and are subsequently canceling those purchased badges upon receipt of their press badges. In layman’s terms, that should add a number of coveted  4-Day and 4-Day with Preview badges back into the resale pool.

Also interesting is the fact that CCI has not updated their website indicating SDCC 2013 is sold out, something they typically do when all badges are accounted for, leaving hope that there are still badges waiting to be scooped up.

[UPDATE 1] CCI has in fact updated its Badge Purchase page to indicate Comic-Con is sold out. However, they do state badge resale is still a possibility:

Depending on returned and canceled badge inventory there may be resale after the refund deadline of May 15, 2013. A badge resale is not guaranteed.

Given the information above, we speculate there will be both single-day and 4-Day passes available later this year, although we cannot estimate a number for each.

Also, CCI’s website clearly states that “all refund requests must be submitted before May 15”. With that, we can assume the cancelled/returned badge sale will be no sooner than mid-May, because CCI will need to account for all refunds to be put back into the resale pool. Given that last year’s resale was on May 31, we expect a late May or early June date this year for when these badges will be made available to the public.

Of course, we’ll continue to update our readers as soon as more information becomes available. In the meantime, there’s always the Torrey Pines Rotary Club, which is raffling away two 4-Day with Preview badges. It’s only $10 per raffle ticket, and they are only making 6,500 raffle tickets available, so your odds of scoring the top badge of the con are probably better than battling online registration.

Are you still on the hunt for SDCC 2013 badges? Let us know in the comments.

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