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SDCCBlog Adds Google+, Facebook Pages; YouTube Channel for 2013

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Four years ago when we first started the blog, things were very different. Back then we could publish an update and rely on RSS to get the word out. That worked at the beginning, but my have things changed.

Our Twitter followers have grown to over 15,000 and we’re so grateful for that. But we also recognize not all of you are on Twitter or use it regularly, and that you may spend your time on Facebook or Google+ instead. So, for those folks we’ve created fan pages on those social networks. We’ve already started posting on those networks – call it a “soft launch” – as we learn the great features of each that we can share with our readers. Stay tuned for event announcements to take place on Facebook and Google+ over the coming months, leading up to and through SDCC 2013.

In addition, we’ve created our own YouTube channel, and we’ll be feeding it with original video content over the coming months as well.

You’ll find links to these on the menu to the right, as in the image below:

Links to our new social pages.
Links to our new social pages.

So┬áif you’re feeling generous, please give us a Like or a +1, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and keep following our Twitter stream and blog updates as you’ve been for the past four years. And thank you for your continued support!

Is there a favorite type of event you would like us to try on Facebook or Google+? Have a suggestion of what you would like to see on our YouTube channel? Let us know in the comments.

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