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SDCCBlog’s 2013 San Diego Comic-Con Photo and Video Experience

GaslampI am a hardcore technophile and when I see new technology that interests me I usually dive in blindly. This was the case last year during Comic-Con as I decided that I wanted to experiment with this new feature that Google introduced called “party mode” for Google+ Events. When I saw the presentation of it at Google I/O 2012 my jaw dropped as I was envisioning the possibilities of its’ use for SDCC the following month. From that idea The 2012 San Diego Comic-Con Photo and Video Experience was spawned. I was so excited to try this idea out that I immediately started reaching out to anyone via twitter asking who was attending SDCC and if they wanted to try this idea with me! To my surprise I got a really good response (I am very grateful to all of you who participated) and it made the event a richer experience.

I am so glad I tried this experiment as it was one of the best things that I did for last year’s Comic-Con in my opinion. it was amazing how quickly pictures taken from a phone was instantaneously uploaded to an events page for anyone to see and comment on. Me and a few others who participated in this experiment were sharing our SDCC experiences on the fly and it was awesome! So now of course I want to try this again and since I am with the SDCCBlog now we wanted to make this bigger and better for this year but to do that we need your participation!

Our thought is that the San Diego Comic-Con is an event that we all want to experience, a place where we want to see and do everything! This of course is not possible since SDCC is enormous and there just isn’t enough time to do it all. So how can we remedy that? We can share our moments and experiences with each other through Google+ Events. With Google+ Events there is a possibility that we can capture almost every thing that happened at SDCC by everybody sharing their moments and experiences. Also for the people who are unable to attend they will have the opportunity to live vicariously through our moments from this event! So I hope you join us in creating this experience by participating in our:

2013 San Diego Comic-Con Photo and Video Experience

If you would like to participate please let us know in the comments, tweet me or SDCCBlog or post a reply on facebook and we will contact you to send you an invite. This year we want to reward people for participating in our Google+ Event so we will be giving away prizes/swag to random posts or comments (chosen by as a thank you. More details on this in the coming days.

Check out our article – Comic Con Photo Tips for some pointers.

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About Google+ Events

Get people together, collect and share memories from momentous occasions or impromptu gatherings with events on Google+.

To create your own event, click the event icon in the share box where you create posts. You can invite anyone you like, even if they don’t use Google+. People you invite who don’t use Google+ will be able to see the event details and say whether they’re going.
To find all the events you’ve created or been invited to, click  Events on the left in Google+. Click any event on your Events page to see more details about the event. Google+ events will also appear on your Google Calendar.

On your phone

Check out events on your phone to get directions, add comments, and share photos during the event. With the Google+ Android app, you can upload photos and videos you take at the event directly to the event with Party Mode.

Event details and photo collections

The event details page captures information about the event including comments, who’s going, and photos from the event. Photos added to a Google+ event are shared with everyone invited to the event as a collection of photo albums.

About Party Mode

What is Party Mode?

When in Party Mode*, the Google+ app will automatically upload and share photos and videos to a Google+ event photo collection. You can tell that Party Mode is on when you see this icon  in your Android notifications tray.

When you enable Party Mode for an event, photos and videos taken on your phone while Party Mode is on are automatically uploaded to the event photo collection on Google+.

You will continue uploading new photos and videos until the event ends or you disable Party Mode. Anyone who can see the event can see your photos. Learn more about who can see Party Mode items.

*Party Mode is not currently available on iOS.

Learn more about Party Mode:

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