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Under The Tents Late Edition: The World’s End, James Marsters, X-Files Photo Op, Toucan

We’ve started a new, quasi-regular column on the Blog titled “Under The Tents”. The title is symbolic, as it’s representative of the times we all line up under the tents waiting for those big moments to happen inside Hall H or Ballroom 20.

You can read this morning’s Early Edition here.

Here’s the rest of the stuff you might have missed for today:

  • Obviously, the biggest news today is that Comic Con International released the Thursday SDCC programming. You can view the complete list of panels on their site.
  • Today’s Toucan Tip is all about being prepared – and that includes remembering what it is you’re preparing for, which is why you need to “Set That Alarm!” From their blog:

With the imminent introduction of our complete Comic-Con 2013 program schedule, you’ll want to break out your trusty smart phone, watch, or iPad and set some alarms for yourself. Don’t want to forget about that panel or signing? How about meeting your friends for lunch or dinner? Set yourself an alarm (preferably silent and/or vibrating . . . otherwise you’re alarming everyone else near you, too) on your favorite device. There is so much to do and see at Comic-Con, you can lose track of the time. If you need to be somewhere, set yourself a reminder. You’ll be glad you did!

  • IGN has joined forces with Focus Features and The World’s End for IGN’s annual SDCC bash. Twelve fans will win access to the invitation-only party at the Hard Rock Hotel, by competing in a pub crawl trivia contest. “The World’s End: IGN Fan Crawl” will begin at 1PM on Thursday at The Commons, before proceeding to the Hotel Solamar and Hard Rock Hotel until 12 winners “emerge victorious”. Even if you aren’t completely brushed up on your Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz trivia, there are plenty of other prizes to be had, including passes to a special sneak preview of The World’s End.
  • The Worlds End Character PosterJames Marsters, best known as Spike from Buffy, and his band Ghost of the Robot will be performing Saturday night as part of the Nerdy but Nice lineup. The show, which starts at 7:30PM and costs $25 for a general admission pass, will also feature burlesque performances from The Deadly Dames and Pretty Poison, as well as comedian Rachel Fogletto. For a little extra cash, $45 for a VIP pass will grant you access to the special VIP area where you can “meet and greet with celebrities”.
  • Lightspeed Fine Arts has announced that they will be offering a limited number of photo opportunities and signings with both X-Files stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny at their booth. No pricing information has been released, but expect more information soon.

  • Brian Wells has revealed that a Valiant Comics fan panel will take place on Saturday from 8PM-9PM in Room 4.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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