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Nerd HQ Crowdfunding Campaign Starts Next Week, Includes ‘Arrow’ Panel, Plan for ‘Chuck’ Movie [Update 3: Starts Week of March 9]

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When we caught up with Zachary Levi last month, he talked about how #IWantMyNerdHQ trended worldwide as nerds around the globe showed their love for the annual fan-favorite event during San Diego Comic-Con.

That initial show of support was just the beginning of a campaign to bring back Nerd HQ this year, bigger and better than ever. Recent tweets from the actor and founder of the convention state that next week, he’ll be asking fans to help crowdfund the convention and “set a precedent for me, for you, for us” that “will only mean more promise in bringing the other things you desire and deserve”.

Earlier Saturday morning, Levi issued a series of tweets which unveiled the impending crowdfunding campaign:

Later in the morning, Levi also tweeted that if the campaign was successful, plans for a Chuck movie would also be in the cards:

And when a fan asked Levi if an Arrow panel would also be in the plans, he turned the tweet to series star Stephen Amell who replied, “I’m in!”

Lastly, it looks as if the campaign would be available worldwide, as Zac stated they will be using IndieGoGo to fund the project.

Earlier in the week, Levi tweeted that he needed volunteers for an upcoming focus group in New York City. We wonder, could this also be related to the Nerd HQ crowdfunding campaign?

It’s not hard to get caught up in the passion that is on display when Levi talks about Nerd HQ, like what happened to us when he spoke last month about why the convention is so special to him:

“I like making it cool and fun and interactive and – this might sound weird but – like, dreamy. And by that I mean, likesurreal. You know those moments that happen in your life where you’ll never forget them because it was so insane and it was so special? And you’re like, I don’t even know what to say, like I was there in the audience and there was only 250 of us and Tom Hiddleston was there,” Levi said. “And then he impersonated a Velociraptor. Like it’s mind-melting. It’s something that you would have dreamt, but you didn’t dream it, it really happened, and it happened right in front of you and you got to be a part of that experience. That is what I strive for.”

[UPDATE 1]  Another tweet by Levi suggests that there will be a new studio in the works as well.

[UPDATE 2] While most of the logistics about the impending Indiegogo campaign still remain a mystery, Levi has clarified on Twitter the exact purpose of the campaign: it will only be for Nerd HQ. According to Levi, “if it succeeds, it will help lead the way to other things”.

[UPDATE 3] For those of you patiently awaiting the start of the Nerd HQ crowdfunding campaign, you were probably wondering why there hasn’t been much news on this since we reported last week.

Late last night, Levi tweeted an update and let us know the campaign has been delayed, albeit just until next week:

We’ll be following the news as it continues to trickle out. Excited to help play a part in making Nerd HQ possible in 2014? Let us know in the comments.

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