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Geek & Sundry Announces Event Schedule for Jolt’n Joe’s Offsite

Geek & SundryWe previously reported Geek & Sundry would be returning to Jolt’n Joes, but we just had a tease of the events they would be offering. Now we have the full schedule with all the details.

We could go straight into the specifics, but we’d rather have Felicia tell you herself in the video below:

Some of the highlights of the two day event, taking place from 10am to 2am Thursday July 24 and Friday July 25, include:

  • A signing with Felicia Day to start the festivities, on Thursday July 24 at 10am
  • “Coffee and donuts” with the BioWare development team on Thursday July 24 at 11am , appearing in support of the upcoming video game Dragon Age Inquisition, followed by a demo of the game
  • A Welcome to Night Vale panel on Thursday July 24 at noon
  • The annual community party – open to the public (21+) on Thursday July 24 at 10pm
  • A Morganville panel with Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Amber Benson on Friday July 25 at 2:30pm
  • Party of the Planeswalkers presented by Magic: The Gathering on Friday July 25 at 8:30pm (21+)

There are tons of other events too, with demos of Dragon Age Inquisition and The Witcher 3, Espionage Cosmetics, art demos and plenty ore of Felicia making appearances in support of the YouTube channel’s various projects throughout the two days.

Jolt’n Joes is located at 379 4th Avenue in the Gaslamp, right across from the Convention Center. You can read the entire schedule below, including the Geek & Sundry panels which are included in the official Comic-Con programming schedule.



Wil Wheaton, Amber Benson, Ashley Johnson, Amy Dallen and the G&S family

Join Felicia Day To Provide Fans The Latest In All Things Geek

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – Thursday, July 17th 2014 – Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry

, an award-winning internet television content company that features leading voices in geek culture and lifestyle, today revealed its complete list of panels, meet-and-greets, exclusive live demos and parties.  Now in its third consecutive year at Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC), the 2014 Geek & Sundry Lounge will be open to guests starting at 10am on Thursday July 24th and Friday July 25th, and will be located at Jolt’n Joe’s on 4th and J Street in the Gaslamp Quarter, a block away from the convention center.  The Geek & Sundry Lounge will be free and open to the public.

Across the two days at the Geek & Sundry Lounge, fans can expect to experience a number of brand and content experiences brought to them by Microsoft Surface, Wizards of The Coast, Logitech G, AMD (BioWare’s Dragon Age : Inquisition), Japanime Games, CD PROJEKT RED (The Witcher®), Blackmagic Design, Loot Crate, Espionage Cosmetics, and more. Those in attendance will get to meet their favorite stars, including Felicia, TableTop’s Wil Wheaton, Spooked’s Ashley Johnson, Morganville’s Amber Benson, resident Talkin’ Comics host Amy Dallen, bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss, and the creators of the podcast phenomenon Welcome to Night Vale, along with other surprise guests from the network.

“San Diego Comic-Con is our big chance to give back to fans.  Our Lounge is open to anyone and everyone to give those with or without badges a place to come play,” says Geek & Sundry co-Founder Felicia Day.

Since launching in 2012, Geek & Sundry has become a leading go-to destination for all new geek content online, at events and within the community with over 1.4 million subscribers across its YouTube network as well a branded Hulu channel.  A full agenda of what’s in store is listed below:


GEEK & SUNDRY LOUNGE @ Jolt’n Joe’s, 379 4th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101 (J Street)


10:00am               Felicia Day Welcome and Signing

11:00am               Coffee & Donuts with BioWare’s development team

11:30am               Dragon Age ™: Inquisition demo

12:00pm               Welcome to Night Vale panel

12:30pm               The Castles of Burgundy with Felicia Day

2:00pm                 Krosmaster: Arena with Felicia Day and the cast of Spooked (including Ashley Johnson)

2:30pm                 The Witcher Trivia Madness

3:00pm                 Espionage Cosmetics creates Morganville vampire “bites”

3:30pm                Smash Up with Nika Harper

4:00pm                Vaginal Fantasy Happy Hour

5:00pm                 Meet the Geek & Sundry vloggers

5:00pm                 Dragon Age ™: Inquisition demo

10:00pm-              G&S Community Party presented by Logitech G (Ages 21 & Over only)



10:00am               Play Skullgirls on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 all day

10:00am               The Witcher Adventure Game sneak peek

11:00am               The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt demo

11:30am               Art demo with Skullgirls artist Alex Ahad

12:00pm               Espionage Cosmetics creates Geralt’s scar

12:30pm               Space Janitors Ep. 1 sneak peek with cast

1:00pm                 Art demo with Skullgirls artist Mariel Cartwright

1:30pm                 Gloom with Patrick Rothfuss and Keith Baker

2:00pm                 Dragon Age ™: Inquisition demo

2:30pm                 Morganville panel presented by Blackmagic Design (including Amber Benson)

3:30pm                 Spellslingers’ Magic: The Gathering Battle Tournament

4:00pm                 Art demo with Skullgirls artist Richard Suh

5:00pm                 Dragon Age ™: Inquisition demo and panel

8:30pm-                Party of the Planeswalkers presented by Magic: The Gathering (Ages 21 & Over only)




THURSDAY JULY 24 6:45-7:45pm @ Room 6A, San Diego Convention Center

The cast and crew of Spooked reveal what’s next for the Paranormal Investigation Team! Executive produced by Bryan Singer (X-Men: Days of Future Past), Sheri Bryant, Jason Taylor, and Felicia Day, Spooked is a paranormal comedy following the “Paranormal Investigation Team” (P.I.T.) as they set out to uncover the awesomeness of the unknown. The show stars Julian Curtis (Captured), Neil Grayston (Eureka), Ashley Johnson (The Killing), Derek Mio (Greek), and Shyloh Oostwald (In Time). Meet the cast and crew, including director Richard Martin and creator Michael Gene Conti, as they look into the show’s future!


SATURDAY JULY 26 6:00-7:00pm @ Hilton Indigo Ballroom

Felicia Day (The Guild, Supernatural) reveals her exciting new shows and upcoming partnerships on the Geek & Sundry network. Guests include Ashley Johnson (The Last of Us, The Avengers) gazing into the future of Spooked; Jesse Cox (OMFGCata) and Amy Dallen (Talkin’ Comics Weekly) sharing details about their upcoming shows; plus a few surprises!

For more information please follow and visit www.geekandsundry.

About Geek & Sundry:

Geek & Sundry is a digital entertainment company recognized for bringing the best in award-winning internet television content that features leading voices in geek culture and lifestyle. Founded in late 2011 by the producers of the pioneering hit series The Guild, the company offers a diverse lineup of compelling content and events that have cultivated a thriving community and social media presence for fans of comedy, gaming, comics, vlogs, music, and literature around the world.  Geek & Sundry is spearheaded by prominent geek figureheads including Felicia Day (The GuildSupernaturalDr. Horrible) and Wil Wheaton (Star Trek, The Big Bang Theory), and has launched fan-favorite shows such as TableTopCo-OptitudeWritten By A KidSpellslingers and Spooked which have earned them over 1.4 million subscribers and 120+ million views. The network has also launched a vlog channel dedicated to the line-up of 20 vloggers, which was developed with the view of nurturing new voices for the next wave of geek talent.  Geek & Sundry has won multiple accolades and nomination votes from the Annual Streamys, IAWTV, Diana Jones and Producers Guild awards since launch.  The office is headquartered in West Hollywood. For more information, visit

and watch us on YouTube at and Hulu

Excited about Geek & Sundry’s schedule during Comic-Con? Let us know in the comments.

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