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Onsite Visual Guide to SDCC 2014 Swag, Exclusives and the Convention Center Floor

The cavernous San Diego Convention Center can be a scary place when there are thousands of people moving all over it in a frenzy to acquire the goodies that can only be found at the very best con in the world—San Diego Comic-Con. This visual guide shares years of experience in acquiring the best freebies and exclusives that SDCC has had to offer. We cover everything from trading WB bags to the psychology of convention booth workers in this quick video that literally brings hundreds of hours of convention floor experience to you in one simple package. Make sure you don’t miss out on some of the best that the SDCC floor has by being prepared:

You can also watch the other video in this series, the Onsite Visual Guide to Tips on Exclusives, Lines, Food and More, over here.

What items will you be chasing at SDCC this year? Any other tips you have to share with our community? Please share comments with us below.

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