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First Guests of SDCC 2015 Announce Their Invitation

Iron ManIt would seem that CCI is busy doing more than getting ready for APE these days.  In fact it appears that they may be starting to fill up their San Diego Comic-Con 2015 guest list.  Famed Iron Man writer/artist Bob Layton and writer A. Lee Martinez both announced via Twitter that they have been invited by Comic-Con as featured guests for 2015.

In the past Comic-Con announced their featured guests in batches, typically 20 at a time.  This list is not usually announced until closer to the event.  However it would seem that they have sent out invites and are probably waiting for a number of confirmations before making any official announcement.  This doesn’t stop the individual creators from doing so, though.

Even though the tweets make no mention of whether Bob Layton or A. Lee Martinez will be attending, it is a sure sign that plans are moving along within the San Diego Comic-Con International offices.

Are you excited to see these two creators were asked to be guests?  Who else are you hoping will be offered that coveted Special Guest spot?  Let us know in the comments.

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