How Many Times Does Gerard Way Get Asked If He’s Attending SDCC: March Tweet Tally

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Gerard Way Umbrella Academy Eisner AwardMarch brought a lot of San Diego Comic-Con news. Anyone remember Hotelpocalypse? If you’re like us, you probably just want to forget it. But that’s definitely not the only news that happened this month, as we had word of convention exclusives, contests to attend Comic-Con, and yes, plenty of people asking Gerard Way if he’s going to be at SDCC 2015.

If you haven’t been keeping up with our Gerard Way posts here at The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog, we come across a lot of San Diego Comic-Con news.  We sift through it to bring our readers a comprehensive look at what attendees can expect to get excited about for the upcoming year’s Comic-Con. A lot of the information we find is fans asking their favorite artists, writers, and celebrities via Twitter if they will be attending SDCC or not for the upcoming year.  It seems that no matter what information we come across, every year one name stands above the rest.

We find that one of San Diego Comic-Con’s most tweeted after celebrities is former My Chemical Romance band member and Eisner-award-winning Umbrella Academy writer, Gerard Way.

In fact, each year we find so many Gerard Way tweets that we began to ask ourselves, just how many times does Gerard Way get asked via Twitter if he will be attending Comic-Con?

Each month, we’ve been keeping a tally of just how often Gerard Way gets asked about attending Comic-Con, so that by July, we can finally answer that burning question of just how many times does Gerard Way get asked if he will be attending SDCC?

So how many times did Gerard Way get asked this month?

Here are March’s tweets:

Twitter user @TAKETHEGRAVE felt so compelled to ask Gerard Way about Comic-Con, take they asked him twice:

While we still don’t have word if Gerard Way will be attending SDCC 2015 or not (when we find out we will be sure to let you know), here is the total Gerard Way tweet count thus far:

This brings us to a total of: 30

This is by no means a complete list, but these are what we happen to come across in our SDCC news search efforts.  How many times will Gerard get asked in April?  Take a guess and let us know in the comments.