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Under the Tents: RIFFTRAX, Mike Mignola, Will Sliney, Bleeding Cool, Robert Venditti, Wesley Chu

As Comic-Con gets closer, the news continues to flood in.  It’s not long until the big hotel sale and we want to take this opportunity to remind you to check out our article on last year’s guide to hotel sales. Although very little information has been released about this year’s sale, the odds are high that the system will be similar. We will keep you posted in as any new information comes available.

In the meantime, let’s check out the news.  This edition of Under the Tents has news of a RIFFTRAX event, information on new comic and book releases, as well as booths, exhibitors and artists.

Here’s some news you might have missed:

  • RIFFTRAX, the guys who brought you Mystery Science Theater 3000, will be having an off-site event of sorts during Comic-Con for Sharknado 2: The Second One. The group will perform their usual off-the-wall commentary, live, on the Syfy film on Thursday, July 9, at 8PM, and it will be broadcast around the US. In San Diego, you can head to the Horton Plaza UA Theatre to watch. Check out our event page for more details.


  • The new sci-fi graphic novel, Concrete Park, by Tony Puryear (Eraser) and Erika Alexander published by Dark Horse, tweeted that they will be at SDCC 2015.

  • Des Taylor, a designer, comic book creator, and illustrator, replied on Twitter that he will be at Comic-Con 2015. Taylor’s work includes original characters such as Scarlett Couture, Katie Rogers, and the Vesha Valentine, as well as providing access to other’s art of a comic book illustration, pop art, and pin-up variety.

  • Chris Thompson, writer, pod-caster, speaker and host, responded on Twitter that he will be at San Diego Comic-Con with Orbital Comics out of London.

  • World of 3A posted a picture on their Instagram account outlining their events schedule for the next few months, and included is a return to SDCC this year. World of 3A is a toy, publishing and entertainment company. Take a look at their website, and you will see that their toy style has a different aesthetic, beautiful and sometimes disturbing.
World of 3A Event Schedule
  • Novelist, Wesley Chu, has two books — The Rebirths of Tao and Time Salvager — coming out in 2015, one timed perfectly for Comic-Con 2015. He tweeted that SDCC will be a stop on his book tour.

  • Jonathan London, filmmaker, comics writer, and host, posted on Twitter that he has his hotel confirmation, and judging from his picture, is very ready to exhibit in San Diego. We hope to all be making that same face after we get our hotel confirmations. Between now and the General Hotel Sale, be sure to read up on our post on hotels, early bird vs general sale.

  • Mike Mignola’s website lists San Diego Comic-Con 2015 on appearances schedule. Mignola is best known for his creation and work on Hellboy.
Mike Mignola’s Hellboy
  • Robert Venditti, the author of such comics as X-O Manowar and Green Lantern, responded to an inquiry on Twitter that he will be at SDCC. His debut novel, Miles Taylor and the Golden Cape, will be out June 2015.

  • Artist Allison Sohn, replied to a Twitter question that will be returning to San Diego this summer, and will be selling sketchbooks and prints.

  • On the official website of writer and artist, Erik Burnham, San Diego 2015 is listed as one of this upcoming appearances.  Burnham has most recently worked on IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Ghostbusters crossover as well as Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues.
  • Comic book colorist Jeff Balke has added SDCC 2015 to the appearances page of his official site.  At conventions, Balke does a “color sketching” for fans. As a colorist, he will take black and white comic covers and create an original color sketch.
  • Artist Hannah Lynn posted on her website that she will return to Comic-Con this year, and will be at her same both as last year, B-2 in the exhibitor section.  She will be available for autographs and pictures.
Hannah Lynn’s 2014 Comic-Con Booth
  • Illustrator John Ottigner tweeted a drawing of a work in progress for the Dweores comic book for release at SDCC 2015.

  • Cartoonist and illustrator, John Steventon, posted on his Twitter news for his comic The Inquiring Minds. He will be releasing book two at Comic-Con and selling an exclusive SDCC variant cover of book one. The comic follows three kids looking for fun and adventure.

  • George Gaspar of October Toys replied to tweets that he and October Toys will be at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. October Toys creates monstrous collectible figures.

  • Marvel artist Will Sliney posted on Twitter that he will be at SDCC for a day, no specifics yet. Sliney is known for his work on Spider-Man 2099, Avengers + X-Men, and Defenders.

  • Bleeding Cool Magazine announced on their website that they will be releasing a special San Diego Comic-Con issue for June 2015. The issue will be 120 color pages and full of information Comic-Con goers would like to read about, such as an exclusives pricing guide, interviews, and more.
Bleeding Cool Magazine June 2015 Issue
  • Cesare Asaro, of Curio & Co., shared some work in progress drawings on Twitter of upcoming tarot cards to be previewed at Comic-Con.  We now know that Curio & Co. will be at SDCC and that this previous edition of Under the Tents had our first preview card, one of Death.

  • Young adult novelist Sherri L. Smith tweeted that she will be at SDCC 2015 with copies of her new book, The Toymaker’s Apprentice.  She will be at the Penguin booth and will be selling copies of the book months before it’s release date.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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