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There’s 11 days to go – and still so much more to go. We’ve got news on a lot of TV shows today (including swag from many of them), like Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Legends of Tomorrow, Vikings, Supergirl, and more. Plus, we’ve got updates on Welcome to Night Vale merch, Alex Ross’ exclusives, Troma, and more.

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Art dealer Sal Abbinanti announced on Twitter that Alex Ross’ sketchbooks will be available at SDCC booth #2419 and also revealed the covers.

  • Artist Sara Diesel posted on Instagram a picture of the sketches and work she is cranking out in time for Comic-Con.
Sara Diesel's Sketches
Sara Diesel’s Sketches
  • Supergirl.tv has reported that CBS will have a mobile preview cart at San Diego Comic-Con moving around the Gaslamp district giving people rides and a chance to watch CBS trailers. The cart holds 12 passengers and will be giving out swag.  People who catch a ride on the cart will get a Supergirl tshirt with a cape.
  • Bestselling author Chloe Neill posted on Twitter that she will be giving away 500 copies of her upcoming book at SDCC.  Her book The Veil isn’t set to be released until August 4, 2015.

  • Terry Moore, the artist behind Rachel Rising, posted on Twitter that the cover shown in this tweet will be a large backdrop for his booth.  Read the full thread to get all the details.


  • Twitter user Arnaud Tough976 tweeted that his San Diego Comic-Conpre-commissions list is open.  Check out the tweet for the details.


  • Rennie Kingsley the writer and artist behind the comic The Weave posted on Tumblr that the very first printing of the comic in book form will be available for the first time at Comic-Con Small Press table O-11.
The Weave Comic Gets A Book
The Weave Comic Gets A Book
  • Twitter user @Tattle_Crime posted on Twitter a sneak peek of stickers that will be available at SDCC 2015.  The sticker shows Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller and character Freddy Lounds.


  • IDW Limited posted on Twitter that the Essex County limited top shelf edition will come with limited edition signed sketch cards.

  • Brian Crewe, the director of the independent film Une Libération, posted on Twitter that they will be giving away 25 of their movie posters signed by cast and crew on Friday July 10th at SDCC 2015.


  • Todd McFarlane and McFarlane Toys have some cool things planned for attendees. Stop by Booth #2729 each day for free exclusive pins to be given to the first 2000 people at the booth. You can also find “bigger than life” The Walking Dead photo props, surprise giveaways, and much more.
  • That Vikings comic book cover we’ve been showing you hints of for months? It’s finished, and IGN has the exclusive. And you can snag one by visiting the “Bludgeon Booth” on the convention floor, or by riding the Viking Longships in the Gaslamp. The cover was designed by Anthony Spay, the inside artwork by Dennis Calero, and the story itself by Michael Hirst.


  • Although Warner Bros. has yet to reveal exactly who will be at the Saturday night mega-event, looks like we can add at least one name: Victor Garber, who told Comic Book Resources that his first trip to SDCC for Legends of Tomorrow is “daunting, terrifying and exciting”.


  • Season three of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will delve into Marvel’s Secret Warriors, a team of superpowered agents. While the show won’t be back on TV until September 29, you can celebrate early at Comic-Con, where S.H.I.E.L.D. ambassadors will be wandering the convention Thursday-Saturday and “rewarding them with limited edition Secret Warriors pins”. According to Variety, you can track the ambassadors on Twitter by following the @AgentsOfSHIELD Twitter account.


  • Felix Comic Art announced on Twitter that they’ll have exclusive Seconds Helping comics at Booth #4612, and you can also get a sketch from Jason Fischer.

  • Attendees who make a purchase at Entertainment Earth Booth #2343 during the convention will be leaving with Hasbro dioramas from My Little Pony or Transformers, while supplies last. You can find more information on EE’s blog.


  • Broke Horror Fan is reporting that director Eli Roth will be signing limited edition The Green Infero posters, designed by Jim Evans, at the Nerdist Convival on Thursday, July 9 at 12PM. Here’s a look at one of four poster designs:


  • Felix Comic Art will also have some Scott Pilgrim and Seconds original art replicas at Booth #4612.

  • Angry Comics showed off a poster and a t-shirt design that they drew for Welcome to Night Vale for Comic-Con. No word yet on how to get your hands on these.

  • Troma Entertainment is headed out to Comic-Con this year with an exclusive Troma t-shirt design by Megan and Marcus, autograph signings with Lloyd Kaufman on Friday-Sunday, and even an appearance by Ron Jeremy on Saturday and Sunday. You can find more information on the Horror Society.


  • Beefy Poo showed off their first SDCC exclusive, a second Mari Colorway called “Seaweed Envy”. Seaweed is limited to 125 pieces, and will retail for $65 at Booth #5150.


  • In the biggest news of all today, the famous Pink Bunny will not be having a panel this year. If you see the adorable stuffed rabbit, or her owner, around the convention though, be sure to say hi.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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