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Under the Tents: Amy Mebberson, James Silvani, Sheborg Massacre, House of Darkly, Kevin Tong, Kevin Workman Foundation

Oh, you thought we were done for awhile? Nope, the UBlog team has been busy scouring the interwebs for even more San Diego Comic-Con news on artists, independent films hoping to come to the convention, information about how one lucky artist can attend Comic-Con for free courtesy of the Kevin Workman Foundation, and more.

Here’s a look at what you might have missed?

  • The Cynja, a comic series inspiring kids to learn about cybersecurity, revealed on Twitter that they’ll be back at Comic-Con in 2016.

  • House of Darkly announced via Twitter that although she doesn’t know what most of her plans for 2016 entail, she’ll definitely be at SDCC, likely with some of her adorable plushes.

house of darkly kale superfood plush
House of Darkly’s 2014 Wonder-Kale, the Caped Superhero, a WonderCon exclusive
  • Vincenzo Ferriero and Ray Chou’s Skies of Fires limited miniseries comic will also be heading to San Diego Comic-Con, according to their Facebook page.


  • Cartoonist Stan Yan announced on Twitter that he will be exhibiting at Artist Alley.

  • Illustrator Kevin Tong mentioned to a fan on Twitter that he might have prints of his Voyager artwork for sale at Comic-Con in 2016.

  • David Petersen of Mouse Guard fame will also be headed back to Comic-Con 2016 as an exhibitor.

  • The independent comic book company Committed Comics will be headed to Small Press for SDCC next year.

  • Illustrator and comic artist Sean Forney announced via Twitter that he will have a booth in Artist Alley for 2016.

  • Disney and 20th TV Animator David Derks will also be returning to SDCC next year with a booth.

  • Illustrator Guin Thompson will be headed back to Comic-Con with her “megatable” filled with art goodies.

  • Amy Mebberson and James Silvani, a pair of amazing Disney artists who have created things like the Pocket Princesses, will both be headed back to Comic-Con. You can find them at Booth #F-07.

Pocket Princess artwork from Amy Mebberson
  • According to his convention schedule, artist Peter Nguyen can be found in 2016 not only in the Artist Alley of Comic-Con, but also at WonderCon.
  • Cartoonist Lonnie Millsap will be exhibiting in Small Press next year, he announced on Instagram.


  • Artist Franchesco can be found in Artist Alley at Booth #EE-08 in 2016.
  • Marvel comic artist Gerardo Sandoval will also be exhibiting at the convention, he revealed on Facebook.
  • Daniel Armstrong’s latest film, Sheborg Massacre, is seeking funding through Kickstarter to come to Comic-Con with a booth to promote the film. The “splatstick” film (which mixes humor and gore) tells the story of tough-girl and punk activist Dylan and her friends must battle aliens and the SheBorg to save the world. If interested, you can donate on their Kickstarter page for perk levels that include everything from online shout outs to screen props to your own music video directed by Armstrong. Visit Kickstarter for more information.


  • Each year, the Kevin Workman Foundation sponsors an artist to attend San Diego Comic-Con, and you could be that artist. The lucky artist receives two 4-day badges, the opportunity to showcase their portfolio, sell product, and network from the KWF Booth at the convention. You have between now and February 1, 2016 to submit your application, so head on over to their Sponsorship page to apply now.


What news are you anxiously waiting on? Let us know in the comments.

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