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Street Fighter Funko Pop!’s Heading to SDCC 2016 [UPDATE]

Capcom video game producer Yoshinori Ono showed off some Street Fighter Funko Pop! figures on Twitter today, and mentioned that they’d be “displayed at E3” and “available for sale at SDCC”.

These aren’t San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, though – they’re part of the Pop Asia line, and were actually revealed a few months ago. However, according to Pop Vinyls who reported on the line earlier this year, “the Pop Asia line isn’t readily available in the states” – so this could either be Funko offering a limited run to US residents, or simply offering them for sale at Comic-Con before a full US launch.

It’s also not yet known if these would be available at Funko’s booth or Capcom’s.

[UPDATE June 11] Capcom’s Director of Licensing and Consumer Products, John Diamonon, provided some clarification on the line via Twitter. Looks like the majority of the Street Fighter Funko Pop! figures will be headed to the US under the regular Pop! Games label, but Hot Ryu will be a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive.

Would you be excited about purchasing the Street Fighter Pop! figures at SDCC? Let us know in the comments.

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