Batman v Superman Fan Experience at the Omni Comes Together [UPDATE]

Batman v Superman is taking over the grassy area near the Omni, where there will be a Heroes Park, featuring exclusive giveaways, a daily scavenger hunt – and a statue of Superman himself, based on the iconic statue from the film.

The experience will be open Wednesday from 4PM-7PM, Thursday-Saturday 9AM-7PM, and Sunday 9AM-4PM.

Shawn Marshall of Parks and Cons got a look at how setup is going today, and your first look at the giant Superman statue.

[UPDATE #4] The False God Superman statue will light up the night in multiple colors. And Shawn caught the first reveal as the hood that has been on the statue all day was temporarily removed.


Parks and Cons circled back around this morning, and Superman’s head appears to be covered up. We also spotted setup for where it looks like the Batmobile Warner Bros. is bringing along will go – and some mask to be given away.

[UPDATE #2] The statue is up! As the day draws to a close the BvS experience is coming together nicely.

[UPDATE] Oh what difference a few hours makes. Here’s a look at the setup now:



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