San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Badge Design, Souvenir Book Cover Revealed

For those lucky individuals who received their San Diego Comic-Con badge today (and a friendly reminder to never post a photo of your badge on social media with your name showing), there was an added level of surprise: New this year, the badges appear to come in a box promoting CCHQ, and also include a commemorative Comic-Con International pin. Best of all, this is the inaugural badge box – with a new design presumably set to be released each year.

This year’s badge design feature The Walking Dead‘s Rick Grimes.

Here’s a look at the box, the pin, and the badge:

Also included in the box was a first look at this year’s Souvenir Book cover, which features Jack Kirby, as part of a special “In Memoriam” section which will remember comic book legends like Kirby and Will Eisner, as well as the 100th anniversaries of comics creators Reed Randall, Bill Everett, and Sheldon Mayer.

The 240-page Souvenir Book is handed out to every attendee at the event, and can be picked up on-site at the convention center (along with your lanyard and WB bag) in the Sails Pavilion.

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