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Under the Tents: Kingsman, Claire Hummel, Committed Comics, Genuine Haha, Sho Murase

It’s been a busy week in the world of Comic-Con news, and it’s only about to get busier as we inch towards the full panel release schedule, and firm up offsite plans. But today, we’re going to look at some pretty big news — including signs that a Kingsman: The Golden Circle panel may be happening, how to earn your Comic-Con merit badges, exclusives from Committed Comics, Genuine Haha, and much more.

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • Could we get a Kingsman: The Golden Circle panel at San Diego Comic-Con? Mark Millar, who co-wrote the Kingsman: The Secret Service comic books on which the films are based on with Dave Gibbons, was recently asked if he’d be attending the con. While Millar said that he wouldn’t be, he mentioned that hopefully Gibbons “is going to be there for Kingsman“, and Gibbons replied that he would be. In 2014, when the original film was promoted at San Diego, Millar and Gibbons were both on hand for the panel — so it’s seems likely they’d be involved in a panel for the sequel. Of course, Gibbons could also be attending for something else, but we’re leaning towards Kingsman in Hall H.

  • Committed Comics (Small Press P-10) will have three(!) San Diego Comic-Con exclusive prints this year, from some of your favorite artists. They’ll be releasing an 11″x17″ “Alone Through Time” print from Camilla D’Errico, James Taylor and Wilson Ramos for $25, limited to just 30 pieces. They’ll also have another 11″x7″ piece, titled “Sunrise Coffee Propaganda Poster” available for $15 (limited to 25 copies), as well as an 18″x24″ piece featuring the Committed Comics mascot that is fully painted by Sean Dietrich ($40, limited to 100 copies). Finally, they will also have a convention book featuring a black and white cover of their latest title, God Among Men. The book features artwork by Jason Metcalf, and creator Chris Tung and colorist Tony Kordos will also be on hand to sign. You can snag your copy for $8 for the original version or $15 for the limited black and white cover.
  • If you love Claire Hummel’s Comic-Con “Merit Badges”, we’ve got good news — she’s creating nine new ones, to have on hand at the con. Hummel showed off some of the new designs on Twitter, which include things like, “Wore an Inscrutable Cosplay” and “Got Lost on the Exhibit Floor”. You can pick them up at Small Press Q-15 during the con.

  • Creator Brendon Small will be signing copies of an exclusive metallic variant cover of Galaktikon #1 at Booth #2209 (Albatross Booth) on Friday, July 21. Stop by at 2PM.

  • Camilla d’Errico is adding another painting to her Surreal Safari collection, headed for Comic-Con: “Professor Love”. You can find him, and other paintings, at d’Errico’s Booth #4723 during the con.

  • Tony Bui of Genuine Haha is bringing six new X-Men inspired 4×6 prints to San Diego Comic-Con, featuring some of Bui’s favorite X-Men characters. The first two feature Cyclops and Ice Man, with more still to be revealed. You can snag them all at Small Press L-06.

  • Artist Sho Murase teased a gorgeous Bat Woman sketch that she will have at Artist Alley GG-24. We might fight you for it, though.

  • Comic writer Jim McCann’s deluxe edition of Return of the Dapper Men will be hitting stores in August, but you can grab it first at San Diego Comic-Con.

  • The official Outlander Twitter account held a poll asking fans which phrase they’d like to see on a shirt as “part of #SDCC2017”. The winning entry — “It’s a Sassenach Thing” — will presumably be on a shirt either sold or given away during the con.

  • We also got our first hints of just who might be at the Outlander panel. Actor Sam Heughan joked that this year’s shirt design should be “In Gabs We Trust”, and writer Diana Gabaldon responded that if he showed up in that shirt, she would sign it for him. They’re obviously joking, but hopefully it means we get both Heughan and Gabaldon on the panel. Considering how much Starz is pushing Outlander this year, it seems likely.

  • Artist Ben Lee showed off a sketch he’s been working on to bring to San Diego Comic-Con.

  • Let the Rumpus begin! Artist Christopher Uminga revealed a Where the Wild Things Are piece that he will have available at the con.

  • Designer and illustrator Bill Robinson is bringing several 5×7 die-cut laptop stickers (and postcards) for Comic-Con. From his Instagram, here’s a look at this year’s designs, available at Flimflammery Booth #4615:

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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