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Where to Pick Up Your Badge Plus Other Changes

Where to go for a variety of things at San Diego Comic-Con is changing a bit this year. Although most attendees are getting their badges mailed some, like international attendees, will still need to pick up on site. Here are the changes for this year, from the Toucan Blog:

Everyone will need to go to the Sails Pavilion on the upper level of the convention center to pick up your badge. That means attendees, professionals, and press. This is also where everyone can pick up your bag, souvenir book, and lanyard. Volunteers are the only exception and will need to go to Marina Ballroom FG at the Marriott. While this year’s hours have not yet been announced, here are last year’s:

The other big news, of course, is that theĀ Art Show is moving from the Sails Pavilion to the Manchester Grand Hyatt Ballroom C. Also new this year – because of the new location, it will be open to the public for the first time.

There are plenty of other updates, including:

Anime: Moves to Marriott Grand Ballroom 10, 11, 12, and 13

Blood Drive: Moves to Coronado Ballroom ABCDE in the Manchester Grand Hyatt

CCI-IFF: Moves to Marriott Grand Ballroom 3-4

Films: Moves to Marriott Grand Ballroom 8 (Nighttime screenings also at the Convention Center in Room 4)

Games: Games in the Marriott moves to Pacific Ballroom 21 and 22; Convention Center Games are still on the Mezzanine level.

Hospitality Suite: Moves to Marriott Grand Ballroom 5 and 6

Hotel Desk: Moves to the Sails Pavilion

Playback Room: Moves to Marriott Marina Ballroom DE

Professional Lounge: Moves to Room 10 at the Convention Center

Volunteer Registration: Moves to Marina Ballroom FG at the Marriott

You can find the full announcement on CCI’s site.

What do you think of all the changes? Let us know in the comments.

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