How to Score Funko San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Exclusives — Booth Procedures, More

Funko is bringing a plethora of exclusives to San Diego Comic-Con, for everything from Game of Thrones to DC to Marvel to Nickelodeon. But the question is — now that you’ve scouted what you want, how do you get it?

Today, Funko revealed their San Diego Comic-Con booth procedures, and the process will work similar to last year. As we reported earlier, general attendees who didn’t pre-qualify and win through Funko’s own Funatics board won’t have access to the booth on Preview Night (unless by some miracle they finish with the pre-approved Funatics, but that seems unlikely).

For Thursday-Sunday access, though, similar to last year, you’ll be heading up to the Pavilion Terrace (just outside the Sails Pavilion — where LEGO normally is) first thing in the morning. Attendees who arrive in Sails/Terrace in the morning will draw for a winning wristband – and each wristband will have a specific date and time to be redeemed on it.

There is no guarantee of receiving a winning wristband, as the process is randomized, and there is also no guarantee which purchase session you’ll be chosen for – so the first person who draws a wristband could potentially get group 4. If you don’t draw a winning ticket/wristband, you won’t have another chance to try again until the following day.

There is also a limit of one of each item per wristband. Also worth noting is that Funko buying is only open to attendee and professional badge holders — which would imply no press, volunteers, or exhibitors.

Here’s the pricing for all of their items:

Pop!s: Regular $15 / 6” $20 / 2-pack $30 / 3-pack $35
Dorbz: 2-pack $20 / 3-pack $25
Rides: Dorbz Ride $25 / Pop! Ride $40 / Action Figure $50
Rock Candy: $15
VYNL.: $20
Book: $25

If that doesn’t appeal to you, don’t forget that Funko offers most of their San Diego Comic-Con exclusives online through shared retailers. Typically, some go to Hot Topic, Barnes & Noble, Game Stop, F.Y.E., and other retailers — both online and in stores — beginning Thursday morning. The exclusives will have a “Summer Convention” sticker rather than a “San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive” sticker, but is 10+ hours of your life really worth a sticker? We can’t answer that for you — but we can tell you that we’ve had success every year just ordering our exclusives online while sitting in line for the show floor, to have them delivered straight to our own homes. The list of which exclusives will be going to which individual retailer will be released the week of Comic-Con on Wednesday.

Also, remember that while most of Funko’s booth exclusives are shared, typically the ones that say LE and give a set number of pieces will only be available on the show floor. This year, that list includes the Scott Pilgrim vs the World exclusives except Nega Scott, the Ren & Stimpy 2-pack, the Dorbz Classic Nightwing & Deathstroke 2-pack, the Red Batmobile with Green Batman action figure, The 100’s Lincoln as Reaper, the Disney Mr. Toad, and the Disneyland Jolly Roger. The items at the Pop! Up Shop will also likely not be shared.

You can view all of their exclusives on our master post.

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