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Funko San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Exclusives [Update July 6]

After Hasbro, Funko may just be the hardest exclusives to get at San Diego Comic-Con — but they’re also some of the best, with a huge array of licenses and cool variants. Funko revealed on their June 5 periscope that the process to get ahold of their exclusives will be similar to last year, which in 2016 involved a Sails ticket distribution for Thursday-Sunday. There will be no public lottery for Preview Night this year, with slots already having gone to qualifying Funko Funatics board members.

Most of their exclusives are shared and available in places like Hot Topic and Barnes & Noble (though with a different sticker).

Here’s a look at their offerings for 2017:

[UPDATE July 6]

Funko’s brand new line of stylized vinyl collectibles, Vynl., will have a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Batgirl + Poison Ivy two-pack.

[UPDATE June 29]

Funko brings two of your favorite HBO shows with them to San Diego as exclusives.


[UPDATE June 23]

A wonderful variety in today’s wave of Funko San Diego Comic-Con exclusives.


[UPDATE June 21]

It’s all Disney, all the time in today’s Funko San Diego Comic-Con exclusives.

[UPDATE June 20] 

Funko is parterning with Rick and Morty for a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Tinkles with Ghost in a Jar Pop! figure.

[UPDATE June 19]

Another Monday, another round of Funko San Diego Comic-Con exclusives!

[UPDATE June 16]

Did you really think that Funko wouldn’t bring their A-game when it came to TV exclusives? They have more licenses than almost everyone, and today’s sixth wave of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives is sure to have something to get everyone excited:

[UPDATE June 14]

Today’s Funko San Diego Comic-Con exclusive wave is all about DC:

[UPDATE June 12]

You’ll be screaming Happy Happy, Joy Joy at Funko’s fourth wave of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives:

[UPDATE June 8]

The third wave of Funko SDCC exclusives comes at you with a marvelous punch:

[UPDATE June 7]

Funko’s second wave of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives is all about Scott Pilgrim vs. The World:

[UPDATE June 5]

Funko kicked off their first wave of San Diego Comic-Con 2017 exclusives, which included their Star Wars exclusives. Here’s a look:

Which Funko San Diego Comic-Con exclusives will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments.

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