The Smoking Gun Comments on Since-Deleted “Geeks Be Gone” Post-SDCC Event

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In a since-deleted Facebook event, local Gaslamp bar The Smoking Gun had originally planed a “Geeks Be Gone!” event for their location on Monday, July 23. The event description for the “1st Annual Geeks Be Gone!” event promised a party for the “Party People” to “Reclaim the Gaslamp” after “the biggest Geeks & Nerds” took over the Gaslamp Quarter the previous week.

It promised 1/2 off drinks, a live DJ, and no geeks allowed. Here’s a look at the since-deleted event listing:

Shortly after the event was found on social media and locals and visitors began to complain about the event, it was removed.

Then, sometime yesterday, the GM of The Smoking Gun took to a local San Diego reddit page to report that the event was “a huge verbiage mistake on our behalf”. This was his statement on reddit:

I’m the GM there. It was a huge verbiage mistake on our behalf. Being a San Diegian veteran, I love comic Con and all the attendees. We were simply throwing a post Comic-Con party for all those who work downtown tirelessly by offering a half off the bar night for them. I apologize to anyone who is offended, our whole bar concept is a nostalgic them with peechy folders even being used as our cocktail menu. Our apologies San Diego, we never meant to cause harm or offend anyone.

Later, he also added that it “was [an overnight] I missed that our PR did. It falls on me.”

Many San Diego Comic-Con attendees have already planned to boycott the bar, which is located on Sixth and Market.