Under the Tents: Christopher Uminga, BeeFy & Co, Zenescope, DKE Toys

This edition of Under the Tents really has me feeling con season. Why? Well, we have a commission list opening from Christopher Uminga, some works in progress for DKE Toys and Zenescope, a first-timer in Artists’ Alley, and so many more great SDCC announcements. Oh! And some crochet.

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • Canadian artist Dawn McTeigue (pronounced Mc-TEG) treated her Instagram followers to a sketch of her SDCC exclusive cover art she’s working on for Zenescope.


  • Comic artist/illustrator Colin Lawler shared some of his summer con schedule on Instagram, and we’re happy to see he’s included SDCC on that list.


  • BeeFy & Co. always brings the cutest, and weirdest, plushies to SDCC. It looks like this year will be no exception, as they previewed their latest SDCC plushy on Instagram.


  • Back in the good ol’ days of the 1980’s, Domino’s Pizza created their mascot The Noid, a mischievous pixie who always ruined your pizza before it got to your door. Mr. Blank reached back to this 80’s icon for his next release via DKE Toys, “Frank the Noid” resin figures. Judging by the hashtags, we’ll see this at SDCC this year.


  • Comic publishers Drawn & Quarterly announced via their website they are returning to Booth #1629 at SDCC this year with special guests Ebony Flowers and Seth. Look for more guest and exclusives announcements coming soon.

  • Another comic publisher you’ll find at SDCC this year is 2000 AD, who’s excited to return to Comic-Con with exclusives, signings, panels, and a lot more.

  • Another artist whose schedule includes SDCC this year is Raina Telgemeier. While we don’t know much beyond that, we’ll keep an eye out for more announcements.

  • Artist Jennette Brown is excited to exhibit her work in Artists’ Alley at Table #DD-14 for her first time. Be sure to give her a warm welcome when you stop by her table to check out her amazing work.




  • The Baker Street Babes are working hard on this year’s triumphant return of SherlockeDCC. Look for them to announce their sponsors/partners, sneak peaks of prizes, and, most importantly, tickets to be released “soon”.

  • Author Jon McGoran was excited to announce the release of his latest work, Splinter, to his Twitter followers. Look for him at SDCC this year as he tours the convention circuit.

  • Our good friend Patrick Ballesteros shared his latest SDCC mini-original while giving his spoiler-free Game of Thrones ending prediction. I think the last episode will just be George R.R. Martin waking up and telling everyone about the weird dream he had.

  • I’ll let you in on a little secret – we’ve been concerned over the lack of crochet in our recent editions of Under the Tents. Thankfully, PopCult Plushies came along and filled that void with 50 new critters their making to celebrate SDCC’s 50th convention. Their first critter reveal was the adorable, yet deadly, Deadpool plushie.

  • New York Times bestselling author Joshua Williamson let one of his enthusiastic fans know he’ll be at SDCC among his other conventions this summer.

  • Artist Nick Bradshaw was recently profiled on CBC for his contributions to Marvel Comics #1000, which is expected to be previewed at SDCC.
Image courtesy of CBC

Anything we missed? Anyone you’re particularly excited to see this year? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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