Under the Tents: Kevin Eastman, Lorelay Bové, Nan Hockin, Flat Bonnie

Is it con season yet? With three weeks until Preview Night, you bet your sweet patootie it is. This edition of Under the Tents has wonderful SDCC news from Lorelay Bové, Nan Hockin, Planet Awesome Collectibles, and so much more.

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • What the Flerken?! Disney artist Lorelay Bové treated her Instagram followers to her latest SDCC mini-paintings she’s bringing with her. You’ll find Black Panther’s tech genius Shuri alongside Carol Danvers herself, Captain Marvel.



  • It’s morphin’ time! You’ll find Amelia Vidal’s variant cover for Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #40 at the BOOM! Studios Booth (#2229) as well as Game Stop.


  • Do you think Coughinton has what it takes to be a Flerken? If you do, you’ll definitely want to grab Flat Bonnie’s latest SDCC plushie (if you can get there before us, that is).


  • Artist Scott Hattox is a big fan of FX’s Archer and created this series of canvases as an homage. According to Hattox, all canvases together count as one painting, which he’ll have as an SDCC exclusive at Booth #1829.


  • Verdacomb, a graphic novel by Dan Berry, will have this set of stickers depicting the characters from his latest work at SDCC’s Small Press Table #Q-14.


  • Rawwwwr! Rawr Rawr Rawr! In case you don’t speak Wookie, that’s Pinkwookiee letting us know she’ll have these adorable stickers designed by Val Hochberg with her at SDCC this year.




  • Planet Awesome Collectibles is living up to its name as far as celebrity signings go. They’ve added Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman to their lineup on Friday, July 19. You can also commission some art from Eastman; check our Commissions post (or the Instagram post below) to see how.


  • Source Point Press has one more announcement up their sleeves for their SDCC Preview Night exclusive variant you’ll find at Booth #2306. Any guesses on what it might be?


  • This is probably my favorite announcement in this Under the Tents – Artist Nan Hockin is bringing back her Mystery Bags to Table #F-11 at SDCC. For just $10, you’ll get $25-worth of prints, postcards, buttons, and stickers. How can you pass up such an amazing deal by an incredibly talented artist?


  • Admirers of Camilla d’Errico’s unique art style will be able to wear it after they pick up her limited run of Leo kimonos. She’ll have 50 with her at Table #4723 at SDCC, but if you can’t make it to the con, she’s putting 50 on her Etsy site as well (it won’t debut until SDCC, though).


  • Quilling artist Kimi E will be dropping this adorable Super Mushroom magnet from Mario Bros. somewhere at SDCC this year.


Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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