Alex Pardee San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Exclusives [Update July 14]

Alex Pardee, whose art can be described as surreal, trippy, and sometimes mind-bending, has a whole slew of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives on deck for 2019. You’ll be able to find Alex, along with with pals, Dave Correia and Way$hak at their booth #5502-5503, just inside the doors to Hall A.

Now let’s take a look at what Alex has planned for SDCC:

[UPDATE July 14]

Alex has a few more tricks up his sleeve for San Diego Comic-Con, including very limited pins, books and plush.

Pinky the Swamp Hag Print – $200
12”x18”  Edition of 6
Completely hand colored/painted in watercolor and ink

Pinky Pin
Only available to the first 25 people each day to spend $50 or more.

HARM plush – $35 
Sold inside a hand-stenciled dirty sack (sack not available with online edition)

Brightmares and Deadlines HC – $25

Brightmares Tee – $25

Necrobog Tee – $25

New Pins – $10 each



I Love My Job Tee

Bathed in the Blood of the Lepers Comic

The Pinfolk Zine

Dickmogorgon Pin – $10
Available at the Yesterdays booth, #1705


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