John Ottinger’s “The Dweores” Returns To San Diego Comic-Con 2019 [UPDATE July 2]

John Ottinger is bringing his comic book series The Dweores to San Diego Comic-Con and will have some great merchandise available to SDCC attendees. You will be able to find Ottinger and The Dweores at booth #2744. Where is booth #2744? Well, Ottinger has you covered with the included image.

Let’s check out some of the merchandise for The Dweores that will be available:

[UPDATE July 2]

The Dweores enamel pins – $10 each

New for SDCC 2019

The Dweores art prints – $10 each


The Dweores Artbook #1 – $20 (Very limited quantities)

Gat and Kaso 7″ resin statues – $85 each (bases combine to make one large statue)

Gat and Kaso key chains – $5 each

The Dweores Issue #4 – $5 (limited to 100 copies)

The Dweores issues #0-4 – $5 each

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