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San Diego Getting All Wrapped Up for Comic-Con 2019 [UPDATE: July 15 – #3]

It’s beginning to look a lot like… San Diego Comic-Con!

[UPDATE July 15 #3]

We’ve spotted a CBS Twilight Zone wrap on Park 12.

The emergence of Emergence and Stumptown wraps on Petco:

This wrap for The Boys is incredibly impressive!

The DEVS wrap is coming along nicely.

[UPDATE July 15 – #2]

Project Blue Book is representing on one side of Petco Park.

[UPDATE July 15]

At Petco, a wrap is going up. Any guesses? ABC has traditionally held the spot, so we’re thinking possible Emergence or Stumptown for this spot.

Over at the Omni, the FOX Animation Domination wrap is really coming together.

And at the Bayfront, someone finally realized the half-and-half wrap was wrong, and solved it. It’s now all Carnival Row, though there’s presumably more to come.

[UPDATE July 13 – #4]

Over at the FOX Fun Fair, the main thing you need to know is… the ferris wheel is up! Sure, it’s not a Mr. Robot ferris wheel, but we can pretend (and it looks awesome).

Several of the games and signage are also being installed.

[UPDATE July 13 – #3]

On the other side of the Marriott, Gundam is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a new wrap.

[UPDATE July 13 – #2]

In addition to the upcoming FX series Devs (thank you, Tim, for helping us figure out what it is!), there’s a wrap on the other side of the Hilton for Amazon series. At least Carnival Row is making an appearance, and this is the first time we recall that side of the Bayfront ever being wrapped.

[UPDATE July 13]

This year’s annual wrap on the front of the Marriott is… Snowpiercer, before it hits small screens on TBS.

Star Trek is getting a lot of love this year at Comic-Con, with wraps on the Hilton Gaslamp for Star Trek: Picard, and Star Trek: Discovery taking over part of the Omni.

There’s been a lot of progress at the Omni for the FOX Animation Domination wrap, which now includes Chris and Lois from Family Guy and Bob from Bob’s Burgers.

And finally on the Bayfront, we’ve got a look at… something! FX has held this spot for the last several years, though in the past it’s also been home to wraps for films and NBC.

[UPDATE July 12]

Parks and Cons got a look at the updated wrap, and it looks like Bob’s Burgers‘ Linda has joined the line-up.

[UPDATE July 11]

The Omni hotel appears to be getting a wrap this year, for what looks like it could be FOX Animation Domination. That’s surely The Simpsons in the top panels, in what could be a Brady Bunch style collage of multiple characters. Cool San Diego Sights got a look:

[UPDATE July 8]

Banners have (finally) appeared on the Hilton Bayfront parking garage, and that means it can’t be long before we see large wraps and banners on Petco Park and the various other hotels in the Gaslamp district.

This year, the Hilton Bayfront parking garage is all decked out in Square Enix again, representing the upcoming Marvel Avengers game heading to PS4 in May of 2020. Cool San Diego Sights got a look:

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