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Under the Tents: Camilla d’Errico, Robert Tsai, Patrick Ballesteros, Impact Theory

We hope you are taking advantage of the weekend to scour the panel schedules and get your “to do” list in order. But don’t lock in anything yet, staying flexible is one of the SDCC Golden Rules. There is still so much to learn and also to budget for, including this whole post full of awesome things. Prints, paintings, postcards and so much more.

Let’s take a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Sounds like Patrick Ballesteros has finished all 100 of his mini-originals. Kudos to him, and for all the folks who will soon own them. Here’s one of the last, inspired by Scott Pilgrim.

  • From sketch to finish, it was a joy to see this Camilla d’Errico Stan Lee tribute piece come to fruition. It will be limited to 50 copies and available at her booth, #4723, for $65.

  • Comic companies! They’re just like us! Critical Entertainment is also counting down the days until Comic-Con. They will have a slew of new books, including Planetary Expansion by Christopher Reda.

  • Adam Hoppus has created a perfect tribute to a game near and dear to his heart, Earthworm Jim. Prints will be available at San Diego Comic-Con.

  • Quantum Mechanix is offering 100o copies of their Batman Family Q-Master, signed by the creative team and only $14.95. Check it out at booth #4145.

  • One of the hottest independent comics in recent months was Neon Future #1 by Impact Theory. At SDCC you’ll be able to pick up a free copy at their booth, #1831

  • Fair warning to Victoria Ying fans, SDCC may be your one opportunity to pick up some prints and pins this year. Stop by Small Press o-14  for all your Ying needs.

  • This crochet Batman doll by Hooked On Fandom can be purchased at the SDCC Art Show at the Grand Hyatt.

  • Jeremiah Gallado is feeling some 24k magic in the aiiiirrrrr tonight with these canvas prints embellished with gold leaf.

  • Brett Bean is in a new location this year. You can find him in the Illustrators section at booth #5553 with some amazing original art.

  • Genevieve Santos, Le Petit Elefant, has done it again. And by “it” I mean created an adorable little print we must have. This time it’s Kiki’s Delivery Service and there are only 100 of them.

  • Self publisher Joel Stokes is making sketchbooks from his index card print, you’ll find him in the small press section at Comic-Con.

  • I’m starting to think Jeff Pina might just be a robot himself, how else can you explain the amount of work he’s bringing to Comic-Con. Here’s another of his chibi robot prints, of the anniversary boy himself, Batman. Find it at Jeff’s table in Small Press, Q-06.

  • From Frenchies, to Corgis, to Poodles, Golden Doodles, Yorkies and yes, of course, PUGS, we love dogs, and so does Robert Tsai. He’s creating tiny pupper statues called Dog Paw Paw that you’ll be able to see at SDCC, booth #1502.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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