Under the Tents: Puglie, Ethan Castillo, Nan Hockin, Ash Evans, Heavy Metal, Candice King

We have another Under the Tents for you today, and you’re going to have fun with this one. Did you know you can get a manicure at SDCC this year? It’s true. You’ll also find exclusives, giveaways, young prodigies, and a lot more.

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • Author Martin Mills will debut his latest work, Gunning for Hits Vol. 1, at the Image Comics Booth #1915 with limited, signed, hand-numbered copies available at the booth.


  • You’d better lay a finger on Mike Mitchell’s SDCC exclusive you’ll find at Big Bud Press’s Booth #1334.



  • Ash Evans dug out five of her Mewnicorn plushes out of her box and will sell one each day during SDCC at Booth #4816, which means you’ll need to find her super fast in the morning.


  • Chris Maze is revealing the art prints he’ll have at Dial R Studios Booth #2103. His latest reveal gave a nod to the Man of Steel with his two “S-Cape” variants.


  • If you’re a guitar player who wants to make his ax shred like Metallica in the 80’s (before they sold out), Llexi Leon’s Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal is what you’re looking for. You can see it teased at the Heavy Metal Booth #1529. You should get some sort of prize if you can say “Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal” five times fast.


  • Benjamin Seto overcame con crunch to finish Usagi Jane and The Skullbunnies Issue 11 in time to be available for SDCC 2019.



  • Children’s book author/illustrator Rhode Montijo will debut his 11″ x 17″ signed Risograph print at Booth #1329.


  • After the Big Bang, six elemental… Stans? went hurtling across the universe. Now, these Pinfinity Stans (paying tribute to the late, great Stan Lee) can be found at Table #AA-13 in Artists’ Alley. Only 50 of these pin sets exist in the whole universe, so get yours quickly.


  • Impact Theory Comics will have a lot going on at Booth #1831 during SDCC this year. Not only will they be giving away free (!!!) comics, they’ll also have their SDCC exclusive limited edition cover for Neon Future as well.


  • No, that’s not Seth Gabel in Candice King’s TBT Instagram post; it’s her at her first Comic-Con with The Vampire Diaries. This year, you’ll find her moderating the Legacies panel on Friday in Room 6BCF (sans Gabel).


  • Many of us here at the SDCC Unofficial Blog are becoming big fans of young Ethan Castillo. The fourteen-year-old artist will have new Post-It Notes drawings at Table #AA-01 in Artists’ Alley.

  • Israel Skelton’s Skelton Crew Studio designed the SDCC exclusive iron-plated pewter Head Key for Locke and Key. If you can’t make it to the con, they’re offering some on their site now before they go SDCC-only.

  • Puglie Pug also wanted to pay homage to Stan “The Man” Lee. Their design for this year’s SDCC does just that. Of course, he’s totally worthy to rule Asgard.

  • Artist Nick Kremenek dug deep into 80’s pop culture to design this The Last Starfighter-inspired t-shirt for Graphic Labs Tees. With this t-shirt, you’ll feel like you’ve joined the Star League to defend the frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan armada.

  • Visit the ROBOT4LESS Booth #5036 to get the hottest, most unique manicure at Comic-Con. Anjou Naturals will give your nails a fresh look by painting them with your favorite characters or artwork.

  • Artist Katrina EK will be at Warhead’s Table in Small Press, #O-11, with her new Altered Carbon print she’s debuting at the con.

Anything we missed? Anyone you’re really excited to see? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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