Under The Tents: Jay Fabares, D23, Elaine Ho, Patrick Ballesteros

Your eyes do not deceive you, this is indeed the first Under the Tents for SDCC 2020. Open registration is now behind us, and the next large hurdle for out of town attendees will be Hotelpocalypse but that won’t be until well into spring. So, what could we possibly have to talk about? Quite a bit actually! Artists and vendors are starting to receive word regarding their SDCC status and that is the sort of news we just can’t ignore! Who’s in, who’s out, and who already making plans?

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • While discussing some DesignerCon plans, Ash Evans announced that they will be back at Booth #4820. Expect to see more “astro-cats” among their offerings.



  • Felipe Cagno was pleasantly surprised to receive news that there will be a place for his book The Few and Cursed: Shadow Nation at SDCC.


  • We got two bits of news in one on this Instagram post from Scott Zambelli. Scott will be tabling in Artist Alley for the 11th year in a row (Hooray!) but in the comments, artist Sean Forney also shared that he’s on the waiting list (Booooo!)


  • News did not have to travel far for independent publisher Puna Press. The San Diego based publisher recently posted that they have a spot being held for them in Small Press.


  • Here’s another double dose of news. Elaine Ho, illustrator and creator of The Tempest and the Fire, will once again be at San Diego Comic-Con. She’s excited to be set up next to fellow artist Adalisa Zárate in Artist Alley.


  • While you’re checking out Elaine and Adalisa, you’ll be able to swing by and visit storyboard artist and comic book artist/writer Lea Seidman too.


  • Sara Alfageeh, illustrator and co-creator of the upcoming graphic novel Squire, will be attending SDCC. No stranger to Artist Alley at New York Comic Con, this will be her first time at SDCC.

  • Vampirella vs ReAnimator artist Blacky Shepherd has announced that he’ll be at SDCC 2020.

  • Now based in San Diego, Der-Shing Helmer, co-founder of Ascend Comics, posted on Twitter that they will be located in Small Press at SDCC 2020.

  • In the “Fingers Crossed” department, Disney D23 members could again have an official event to attend during San Diego Comic-Con. D23 has announced a Member Meet-Up will take place in San Diego in 2020, but no inkling of a date. We’ll keep you posted on updates when they are released.
  • While helping a friend navigate some confusing SDCC acceptance/rejection e-mails, artist Zorilita (Mary Bellamay) low -key announced on Twitter, that she’ll be at San Diego Comic-Con again.

  • Comic book creator Stuart Sayger has his appearance calendar updated on his website and San Diego Comic-Con is listed for July.
  • Artist Jay Fabares gave us more than we bargained for when he announced on Twitter that he was accepted for an Artist Alley table. He posted a short video of a screen from what appears to be an exhibitor only portal. On that screen, we can also see Phillip Moy, Todd Nauck, Zander Cannon, Ethan Castillo, Agnes Garbowska, Chris Burnham and many, MANY more have been approved. We look forward to their official announcements.

  • And let’s finish up with a tidbit from UBlog pal Patrick Ballesteros. If getting on Patrick’s SDCC commission list will be a priority for you, be sure to follow him on social media, as well as keep your eyes peeled for the return of our insanely popular Commissions Post.

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