EXCLUSIVE: See the Whole Picture With These New Comic-Con @ Home Exclusive Jigsaw Puzzles From Mondo

There is nothing quite like running your fingers through a pile of perfectly cut puzzle pieces, or snapping the last of a 1,000 piece puzzle into place, and finishing an image. Jigsaw puzzles have seen a larger, wider resurgence during this time of stay-at-home orders and quarantine. Part nostalgia, part time-waster, part artwork, and part brain-teaser, puzzles are filling a hole in our hearts, one piece at a time.

It’s possible you might not immediately think of Mondo when someone mentions jigsaw puzzles, but in the past year, Mondo has created a collection of pop culture puzzles that spans comic books, movies, and games, all with their signature brand of artistry and quality.

Mondo is rolling into Comic-Con @ Home with a half dozen brand new art puzzles, each featuring jaw-dropping images from deep within their roster of artists. Four new Signature puzzles, clocking in at 1,000 pieces each, from Daniel Danger, Alex Pardee, Aaron Horkey and Aaron Draplin, will all be available on Thursday, July 23 at 9AM PT on Mondo’s website. Additionally, two smaller 300 piece puzzles will be released on Saturday, July 25 at 9AM PT, launching a brand new series by The Little Friends of Printmaking.

Let’s take a look a the puzzles that will have us…well, puzzling:

Daniel Danger Signature 1,000 Piece Puzzle “when do we see the results of everything that happened for a reason?” – $20 (Available Thursday, July 23 at 9AM PT)
Mondo gives fans a second chance to own Daniel Danger’s hauntingly beautiful piece, albeit in a brand new format. This puzzle is based on the 2019 nine-color screenprint series “when do we see the results of everything that happened for a reason?” Featured in this design is the Dusk colorway, originally an edition of 150.

Alex Pardee Signature 1,000 Piece Puzzle “Self Employed” – $20 (Available Thursday, July 23 at 9AM PT)
Originally revealed by self-employed artist Alex Pardee in May of 2019, this is the second in a series of works nestled under the title — this version featuring a specific addendum: the word FREELANCE. We’re sure that many folks can relate to this featured character, who still manages to smile despite it all. Is there a lesson in this puzzle? Probably.

Aaron Draplin Signature 1,000 Piece Puzzle “Thick Lines Valley” – $20 (Available Thursday, July 23 at 9AM PT)
Big, bold and beautiful, Aaron Draplin’s Thick Lines series is much like the artist himself. With an eye for expressing detail in simplicity and saying so much with so little, Draplin’s art is both energizing and heartfelt. This original work, a visual love letter to the American West, debuted in 2014 and finds a new home and colorway in this puzzle.

Aaron Horkey Signature 1,000 Piece Puzzle “Hoarfrost” – $20 (Available Thursday, July 23 at 9AM PT)
Aaron Horkey’s “Hoarfrost” made it’s triumphant debut at San Diego Comic-Con in 2011 as a four-color screenprint, edition of 60. The print featured metallic ink – which Mondo has honored in their rendition of the piece in puzzle form.

Little Friends of Printmaking Series 300 Piece Puzzles “Video Store” and “Record Store” – $16 each (Available Saturday, July 25 at 9AM PT)
Award winning illustrators and designers by day, husband-and-wife duo by night, Little Friends of Printmaking “Video Store” and “Record Store” puzzles are the first in a series and the first 300 piece puzzles Mondo has produced. Always capturing the cute as well as the comforting in their art, Little Friends of Printmaking continue their fine art pursuits through exhibitions, lectures, and artists’ residencies worldwide, spreading the gospel of silkscreen to anyone inclined to listen. Our eyes and ears are wide open.

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