Under The Dinner Table: Beth Radloff, FiGPiN, Ollybits, Toku Nation

We are less than two weeks out from the main event and the excitement is making our mouths water. If you have not bought your tickets to Comic-Con Special Edition, what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the Covid-19 Policies, check out our coverage of the panels that will be there, and consider ordering a commission from an artist.

After that, pull on your stretchiest pants because we are about to fill you up on exclusives, special announcements, sneak peeks and much more. Howard Shum is bringing some schwifty original art, Toku Nation will have all sorts of displays, FiGPin exclusives will be offered and you might be able to catch a whole fruit salad worth of Bulbasaur prints from Beth Radloff.

Let’s take a look at all the news you might have missed:

  • There will be no shortage of literary goodness at CCSE, including Alexa Donne, author of The Ivies, who announced that in addition to being on  panel, they will also have some fantastic freebies at their book signing.

  • We told you in our last post that BugTv+ and Bug Mane would be infesting CCSE, but now we also know that the folks at the Criterion Collection will be offering a very exclusive edition of their short, Bolt Driver.

  • Jin Yung Kim, also known as JYK All Day, will be offering a very limited, and very cool robot in disguise with this G1 evolution of Megatron from Transformers. This print will be limited to 100 copies so you’ll wanna plan on rolling over to his booth A.S.A.P. Roll out!


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  • The writers of the cross-genre series Cursed Truths will be at Comic-Con Special Edition, with copies of part one of a planned seven-part novel series. If there is anyone on your Christmas list who fancies the sci-fi and horror genre, the first novel, Blood of a Guardian, might be the perfect gift.

  • Do you feel the need to collect ’em all? You certainly will after seeing all these adorable Pokemon Bulbasaur prints by artist Beth Radloff, which they are promising to bring with them to CCSE.

  • You’ll be able to find those tasty Bulbasaur prints, and all of Beth’s wonderful artwork, at Booth GG-52. Looks like Beth is having as much fun planning for the event as we are!

  • One of the biggest names in the collectible enamel pin game is undoubtably FiGPiN, who will be offering exclusives including this, the Hydra Stomper, from Marvel’s What If? series. It’ll be limited to 1500 pieces and available at the FiGPiN booth, 1841.

  • Pixel artist Olivia, known as Ollybits, quickly sold out of preorders for their Final Fantasy XIV Warriors of Light character tote bag but is expecting to have more materials to bring some to Comic-Con Special Edition. So if you want to get a Special Edition while at Special Edition, hoof it to Ollybits table at HH-30, and bring some boba to share.

  • You won’t be able to see artist Jake Lunt Davies in person at CCSE, but you just might walk away with some of his Star Wars art…if you’re lucky and if you are planning on attending the Star Warsologies panel, The Science of Star Wars, on Saturday at 6:30pm, where they will be given away. May the force be with you, friends.

  • Comic-Con is always a great time to update ones professional image and for exhibitors, that means a new banner! Comic book artist and writer, Howard Shum, is showing off his new banner, which will makes it’s debut at CCSE.

  • Speaking of Howard Shum…you’ll want to keep your eagle eyes peeled for that banner if you are hoping to purchase some of Shum’s original art, including this piece of Morty and Planetina from Rick and Morty. If you need a hint, try checking Artist Alley II-56.

  • We know you’re not nearly full of cool art yet so here’s another amazing print you’ll be able to buy at CCSE. This portrait of Griffith from Berserk will be available at the event from the artist Ashe, known as Spookgeist on Twitter. Not attending the event? You can also order the print online.

  • We have been keeping close tabs on TokuNation and their plans for Comic-Con Special Edition. They have revealed on Twitter that the actual Zero-One suit from Kamen Rider Zero-One will be on display, as well as the Blu-Ray complete series with movie and special episodes available for pre-order.

  • But wait! That’s not all! Fans will also get to check out a Kamen Rider Zero-One belt display. We suspect this isn’t even all of their announcements, so we’ll keep checking back as CCSE approaches.

  • And finally today, you’ll be able to see the Convention History Book team in person at Comic-Con Special Edition, and even purchase some of their very cool swag, including these drawstring bags. Booth 2420 is the place to go to support the history of the events we all love to attend.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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