San Diego Comic-Con Hires Licensing Agency to Manage the SDCC Brand

Announced today by IMG Licensing, San Diego Comic-Convention Corporation — which is the official name of the umbrella organization that runs SDCC, WonderCon, SAM, and the Comic-Con Museum — has hired IMG to manage the San Diego Comic-Con brand. IMG is known for licensing a wide range of well-known clients such as Fortnite, Chevron, Energizer, Dolly Parton, Aston Martin, Michael Jackson, 7UP, and many more.

As stated in the press release, “IMG will be working with SDCC to identify partners who can develop products, retail destinations, and experiences for the millions of fans not able to partake in the annual Comic-Con convention experience.”

SDCC looks to be wanting to expand their revenue streams by making use of the well-known “Comic-Con” brand name and the company’s pop-culture convention specialty. Comic-Con’s David Glanzer said that, “In 2021, we embarked on the new Comic-Con Museum and now, with IMG’s expertise working with specialist partners to deliver authentic brand experiences, we can pursue an exciting new phase for the Comic-Con brand.”

While details are currently scarce on how this will play out in reality, Comic-Con International seems to have potential big changes coming down the pipeline.

Read the full press release on the IMG Licensing website, and you can also visit their SDCC client page.

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