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Under the Tents 2022: Jack Kirby Museum, Mary Bellamy, Patrick Ballesteros, Giant Robot

Now that the stress and anxiety of Hotelpocalypse is behind us (and we certainly need something to help pass the time until results come in) let’s take a look at some of the fun and frivolity you’ll be able to enjoy, no matter your hotel placement. We’ve got lots of confirmations of attending, some upcoming commissions, and promises of cool exclusives.

Let’s take a look at the news you might have missed.

  • We all get a little run down during the long days and nights of Comic-Con, luckily, the San Diego Convention Center and their on-staff culinary department have the cure: CHOCOLATE BARS. One of the BEST traditions will be back for 2022, the chocolate bars. We don’t know what kind we’ll get this year, but check out this yummy tease the San Diego Convention Center posted on Twitter.

  • Comic creator Daniel Warren Johnson has quite the convention line-up planned for 2022 but guess what… SDCC is included. The first issue of Johnson’s new series, Do A Powerbomb, will be coming out in June, what great timing.

  • [UPDATE] Giant Robot has updated their calendar to indicate they will not be attending. The great big events calendar on the Giant Robot Store has been updated to include July and we are happy to see that San Diego Comic-Con is blocked off. It’s always a treat to see what Giant Robot brings with them.
  • It’s no secret that some of the most coveted exclusives during the online events of the past few years was the “I Miss SDCC” and the “I Still Miss SDCC” enamel pins from Yesterdays. We have our fingers crossed that Yesterdays will follow those up with something that will express our excitement at returning to an in-person event this July (and there’s even a hint that they have something in the works). One thing is for sure though: they are going to be LIT.

  • Essential Sequential handles the original art for some of the best artists in the comic business and they frequently bring guests to their appearance. So far they have two artists on their roster for SDCC, Dan Panosian and Maika Sozo. 
  • Like many of us, comic creator Jimmy Palmiotti is making travel plans. This tweet lets us know that Jimmy will be in San Diego for SDCC.

  • And in the responses to Jimmy’s announcement, we also learn that artist Kevin Maguire is also making the trip.

  • The Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center, which promotes and encourages the study, understanding, preservation, and appreciation of the work of Jack Kirby, will be attending San Diego Comic-Con. They will be scanning original Kirby art to add to their archives.

  • He was born Robert James Luedke, but convention attendees might know him better as “Bob the Artist.” No matter what you call him, you’ll be able to see all his awesome prints at San Diego Comic-Con, according to his appearance schedule.

  • Of course Patrick Ballesteros has a little something up his sleeve. These two “work in progress” Twitter posts show snippets of forthcoming pieces from Harry Potter and Turning Red. We look forward to seeing these finished pieces.

  • Publisher of limited edition video game packages, merchandise and soundtracks, Limited Run Games, will be bringing their team to San Diego Comic-Con in 2022. Several folks on our team are big fans of Limited Run so we’ll be watching like hawks for any information about exclusives!
  • City of Secrets and City of Illusions author and illustrator, Victoria Ying recently responded to a fan on Twitter about her plans, which include a spot in Small Press and some commissions. We’ll have that commission info in our dedicated post as soon as it’s announced!

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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