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Packing List for San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con requires a lot of work — and a lot of supplies.

While we’re very sure that you’ve traveled somewhere in your life and know the basics of what to bring (underwear? check! toothpaste? check!), if this is your first time attending the convention, you may not know that you need a portable charger or a poster tube. And even if you’re a seasoned pro, in the excitement, it can be easy to forget things that can still be very helpful in a pinch, such as scissors, rubber bands, and more.

We’ve created a suggested packing list, but this is by no means either a definitive list or a “you must bring every item on here”. Use what makes sense to you.

Now is a great time to get any missing items ordered. And once you have them in hand, you can also check out our list for How to Pack for SDCC to make them best fit.

Here is our list — and you can click to get a downloadable PDF.

We would also suggest watching this helpful guide from Parks & Cons for what to put in your backpack.

Specific Item Suggestions

Looking for specific suggestions for some of the gadgets? You may have you own preferred brands, but if not, here are some of what’s in the UBlog’s bags this year:

Portable Charger

We’re BIG fans of Anker. It’s one of the best brands out there, and while it’s more expensive than many other options, it will hold a charger longer, and last you for years. This Anker Portable Charger USB-C Power Bank 20000mAh has both USB and USB-C ports, and it will last you for days (though at the con we would probably still suggest charging it in your room overnight each night, as you’ll be using it a lot during the con). Our other advice is once you have this, to fully charge it up and then fully let the battery drain down before the con, so it has a full memory.

Portable Fan

This JISULIFE Handheld Mini Fan is a combined fan, flashlight, and has a backup power bank function. It has 14-21 hours of cooling time, and because it’s USB-rechargeable, you can recharge it through your portable character. July is going to be hot, and as you sit out in the hot sun, this could a game changer. Plus, at time of publication, it’s only $14.99.

PopShield Armor Hard Protectors

The soft protectors are okay, especially for less valuable Funko Pop!s. But if you’re heading to Fundays or are lucky enough to win a slot at their booth, you probably want something a little more heavy duty to ensure your boxes don’t get bent, creased, etc. We recommend PopShield Armor Hard Protectors, which 7 Bucks A Pop sells, starting at $28 for a regular two-pack.


The last thing that you want is to have your bag lost. And with plenty of crazy real life stories about just what can happen to lost luggage, an AirTag can be a life saver. You’ll know that it made it onto your plane with you, and if for some reason it doesn’t wind up at the baggage claim, you’ll be able to track it. Peace of mind for $25? Yes please.

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