Under the Tents 2022: Val Hochberg, Nan Hockin, Kevin Workman Foundation, Patrick Ballesteros

San Diego Comic-Con is next week. Yes, we said it; it’s really happening. While we wait for that metaphorical pot to boil, we have some amazing SDCC news from folks like Nan Hockin, the Geeky Hooker, Patrick Ballesteros, and a lot more. This edition of Under the Tents is packed with art, exclusives, and other great announcements.

Let’s take a look at the news you might have missed:

  • A happy surprise! Artist Nan Hockin found some extra stickers, and so she’s making $5 grab bags for San Diego Comic-Con.

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  • Akane’s Chibi Art may have been a late addition to Artists Alley, but they’re bringing their A-game with this adorable Star Wars sticker which will be available at their booth.

  • The Midnight Dogs gave a first look at the first of their six new pins debuting at San Diego Comic-Con, at Small Press #D-05. This first piece is (Lady) Liberty Avenger, a 3D enamel pin. Also at #D-05 you’ll find Sam Grinberg and Scattered Brain.
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  • Are you afraid of things that go bump (and meow) in the night? Artist Jeff Granito, best known for his tiki and Disney artwork, showed off a new Halloween-inspired artwork, titled “Cautionary Catwalk” — which will be available at his Booth #4823.
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  • Does artist Patrick Ballesteros ever sleep? We think no. And he’s done it again, with new mini originals featuring some of our favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away. Ballesteros’ mini originals will be available each morning of the con, with the exact release schedule still TBA. They’re one-of-a-kind original art, so once it’s gone… it’s gone.
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  • Sometimes, old news is new again! 2.5 years later, and the Kevin Workman Foundation is excited to (re)-announce their Sponsored Artist for San Diego Comic-Con 2020 2022: Daniel Ibanez. You can stop by Booth #934 all week long to meet Ibanez, get a look at his work, and find out more about the Kevin Workman Foundation.
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  • Artist Liana Hee revealed a new mini painting for San Diego Comic-Con, featuring Captain Marvel taking flight. You’ll be able to purchase the original or a limited print run at Booth #4615.
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  • Tony Guaraldi-Brown gave a first look at his new Hardrion & Elliot book, which will be available at the con at Artists Alley #DD-07. Guaraldi-Brown will also be signing and sketching in copies of his new graphic novel.

  • Are you signed up for ELITE level status on Jim Palmiotti’s and Amanda Conner’s collaboration Zestworld? If you are, you can look forward to a special “members only” event at SDCC this year.

  • Archie comics writer Ruben Najera Jr. is doing one convention appearance in 2022, and San Diego Comic-Con is it. Look for him signing at AA17 in the Sails Pavilion.
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  • Time to dust off the can of Aqua Net and those acid-washed jeans. DCD Collects is taking us back to the 90’s at Booth #1815 with some iconic comics from those years as well as 90’s-themed covers designed by Manhua Studios.

  • Thor and Stormbreaker make a beautiful couple, don’t you think? You can grab this print of the God of Thunder and his main squeeze (Mjolnir is so yesterday) at Naoko Mullally’s Booth #5550 on the Exhibit Hall floor.

  • We’re not ones to overlook tradition, and crochet has become a staple of our Under the Tents posts. The Geeky Hooker is maintaining her own tradition of making a Superman critter to drop at San Diego Comic-Con.

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