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X-Men Fandom Panel Offers Swag,

Calling all X-Men fans: There’s one panel you won’t want to miss.

The X-Men Fandom panel, presented by X-Reads Podcast, will be taking place on Saturday, July 23 at 3pm in the Marriott Marquis Grand 10 & 11 rooms. Those in attendance will be treated to a fun, informative panel featuring Marvel powerhouse artist Ken Lashley (X-Men Prime, X-Men Gold), toy influencer and Marvel Legends reviewer Shartimus Prime (aka Russ Akin), popular X-Men fan artist Art of Lucas, and roleplayer/cosplayer Alicia Marie (@aliciamariebody) known across the world for her portrayal of Storm.

But that’s not all, as Lenore Zann, the voice of Rogue from X-Men: The Animated Series, will also be in attendance to reminisce about her time portraying the iconic character.

“We started bringing the X-Men fandom community together after we launched our podcast back in 2019. San Diego Comic-Con has been an incredible support to our drive and determination to celebrate Marvel’s mutants,” says Chandler Poling, co-host and producer of X-Reads: An X-Men Experience.

Fans at the panel will get to leave with a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive X-Men: The Animated Series print specifically for the panel, by X-Men: The Animated Series director and character artist Larry Houston.

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