WonderPost 2023: Elly Karipides, Megan Porch, Power Rangers, Görkem Demir

In less than two weeks time WonderCon 2023 will be in full swing. You’ve seen the exhibitor list and map. You’ve scanned the panels schedule. You even have penciled in some offsite time.

What else is there? Oh, plenty, my friend, PLEN-TY! Stickers, prints, roly-poly kitties with droids and so much more.

Let’s take a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Why did the attendee cross the aisle? To get to the chicken shirt, obviously. Megan Porch will have very limited quantities of this new shirt at her booth, Artist Alley #C-62. There will be “mush” more at Megan’s booth, including these brand new stickers and her signature tote.

  • Sizzling circuits! Artist Jeff Pina isn’t done making prints yet! He’ll have Mega Man at his booth, Artist Alley #C-59.

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  • Funko Fanatics are invited to a casual meet-up to mingle with like minded collectors on Friday, March 24, at 7:30pm at a local restaurant, nFuse. Reservations recommended.

  • “Home is now behind you, the world is ahead!” Hand Crafted Geekdom has two more prints which will be available at WonderCon, a charming “Hobbi-dots” print of Hobbit Doors, and a Dungeons & Dragons Mimic print. Get either, (or BOTH!) at booth #F-22.
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  • You’re not the type of person who folds over the corners of your book pages to mark your place are you? Well, you don’t have to be anymore! Freelance illustrator Joy will have these bookmarking beauties available at booth #E-56.

  • Bindman Art has Tweeted for more 5″ x 7″ pieces that will be available at WonderCon. Find them in Artist Alley at #D-31.

  • The panel for the Fleischer Cartoons has leveled up with a special guest announcement. Dave Wasson, showrunner for The Cuphead Show will be joining them on Saturday, March 25 in room 300E at 10am. Wasson is also the creator of Time Squad and created the story for Star vs the Forces of Evil.

  • Speaking of panels, Gary Sassaman, the former director of programming and print & publications for Comic-Con International: San Diego and WonderCon, will be hosting his first-ever WonderCon panel this year, titled “Tales from My Spinner Rack LIVE! at WonderCon”. The panel is based on a series on his Innocent Bystander blog, where Sassaman discusses 1960s comic books he owned and loved as a child. Catch it at 1pm on Sunday, March 26 in Room 213CD.

  • You’ll be able to hop aboard Patrick Ballesteros’ next JEEPNEY KULTURA print at WonderCon. Patrick showed off a work in progress recently on Twitter.

  • Power Rangers fans should plan on morphin’ over to booth #1347 where Power Morphicon will be hosting meetings and signings with a variety of Power Rangers all weekend long. More details forthcoming.
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  • Turkish artist Görkem Demir has announced that he will be signing and remarquing books at the AMKM Comics booth, #609. You’ll also be able to sketch covers, and exclusive variants.
  • And finally today, Nat Gertler has been self publishing with About Comics for 25 years and is honoring the occasion with a panel at WonderCon. Attendees at the panel will receive a free gift.

If you have yet to get tickets to WonderCon 2023, there is still time

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And if you have missed any of our previous WonderPosts, you can find them here.


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