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Under the Tents 2023: Mega House, Keenspot, Ryan Stegman, Albatross Books

I absolutely abhor hyperbole* so believe me when I say that today was the wildest, most busy news day I have ever experienced in all my many years** here at the blog. In between Funko and Super 7, my head was positively spinning.*** Add in the new DKE figures and the Audible news, and well, I guess I’m lucky my head didn’t spin right off.****

*Actually, I love it.
**Since 2018, really
***I’m mostly just hopped up on caffeine.
****Not actually possible….is it?

So, let’s take a look at all the other news, shall we? We haven’t had nearly enough!

  • Writer Geoff Johns has a fantastic new San Diego Comic-Con exclusive for you, and the best part is…it’s FREE! Stop by the Mad Ghost / Geiger Booth #1320 and receive a free, limited edition, full color, 8-page ashcan of the upcoming GEIGER: GROUND ZERO with badge scan.

  • “The sketches are coming! The sketches are coming!”…the sketch covers, I mean. You can find sketch covers galore at Jeff Pina’s Small Press Booth #Q-06.

  • Artist Sara Kipin will have a brand book out just in time for Comic-Con. Hallowed: The Art of Sara Kipin will be available from Gallery Nucleus Booth #2015, where Kipin will be available all week.

  • Looking ahead to Sunday’s panel schedule, here is the line up for guests for the popular X-Men Fandom panel. Open to both nutants and non-mutants.

  • MegaHouse as heard your mewling and has complied. They will be bringing a limited number of their Mega Cat Project: Naruto & Sasuke with them to San Diego Comic-Con.

  • Artist Ryan Benjamin has created the perfect set for budding comic artists. Each package also comes with a chance to win original art as well as a preview of the new Comic Pro Boot Camp workbook. 

  • Hot off the heels of yesterday panel announcements, publisher Keenspot has announced that they will be hosting creators and special guests at their booth all weekend long. Guests include Jodie Sweetin, Tim Seely and more.

  • Artist Marco Checchetto is preparing for San Diego Comic-Con with a slew of items, including a new series originals on red paper. Checchetto will be at the CMON Booth #329 and at a yet to be announced signing at the Marvel Booth #2329.
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  • It’s going to be busy at the Storm King booth, #1935. Writer Neo Edmund will be signing there all weekend long.

  • First come, first served is the name of the game over at the booth of artist Ryan Stegman #4901. Stegman will be offering up some comic sketch covers, like the Batman one below

  • Artist Celine Chapus “Purple Top Hat” is also doing some sketching that is intended for San Diego Comic-Con, including this Chibi Miguel from Across the Spider-Verse

  • Marvel artist Mark Brooks is bringing a stunning cornerbox variants for X-Men #24, just one of 3 cornerbox variants he’ll have with Dark Phoenix, Phoenix of the Crown and Symbiote Phoenix. Find Mark at Booth #4901.

  • You’ll be able to find the incredibly talented and always delightful David Mack at Comic-Con. Mack will be signing all weekend long at booth #HH-07. Good luck at the Eisners, David!

  • More exclusive Star Trek patches have joined the exclusives at Hero Within, booth #1943

  • Breakout comic book CANTO has found a new publishing home. But before they announce that, they want to celebrate with a CANTO IV: A Place Like Home preview, which will be available in a number of formats including trade dress, blank, tradeless foil, silver metal and white metal. Each version is rarer than the last. 

  • It’s not San Diego Comic-Con without some “finders – keepers” but in this case, it’s books that will be wrapped up and hidden in the area. Follow Lexie’s Twitter account for hints and clues to these literary treasurers. 

  • You’ll be able to snag an exclusive Kaare Andrews variant cover to the sought after reprint of Incredible Hulk #181, the first appearance of Wolverine. Scoop it up at booths #4901 or #529.

  • Red 5 Comics has announced a whole handful of comic creator signings that you’ll be able to catch during San Diego Comic-Con. Fine them all at Booth #1808. And don’t forget to check out our dedicated Autographs post, we update it daily!

  • You can find this terrific art of the man with the red right hand, Hellboy, drawn by Eamon Winkle at the San Diego Comic-Con Art Show at the Manchester Grand Hyatt.

  • How’s the traffic? You probably don’t want to even know. Encourage your fellow drivers to avoid the 405 and the 101 with these bumper stickers from Kaveh Taherian, available at booth #BB-02. 

  • And lastly today, Eric Powell of Albatross Books is inviting two other stellar creators to join him at his Booth #2109, during San Diego Comic-Con. You’ll be able to see both Becky Cloonan and Mark Buckingham there as well.
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Anything we missed? Let us know by dropping us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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