Nerd HQ Reinvents Itself, Mission Remains the Same [UPDATE]

Nerd HQ was one of the most beloved offsites at San Diego Comic-Con – maybe ever. When attendees speak about their favorite things they’ve done at the con, anyone who attended previously mentions it immediately.

After being dormant since 2017, it’s back. Founder Zachary Levi confirmed today that in the intervening years, he had converted the organization to a fully fledged 501c non-profit that will be raising money for mental health awareness.

Future plans for Nerd HQ, according to Levi, include all the things previous attendees loved; panel type Conversations With a Cause discussions, events, activations, and lots of branded merchandise (or “nerch” in Nerd HQ speak) and more, all while raising awareness and money for causes near and dear to Levi’s heart.


While the initial announcement had mentioned in person events, Levi clarified on his Instagram Live later today that their initial plans do not include San Diego Comic-Con this year. “I may try to get back for next year, I don’t know. As I alluded to earlier, it was basically made an inhospital place for us to continue to do our event.”


In the meantime, check out what they are doing over at

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