TOKYOPOP San Diego Comic-Con 2024 Exclusives

TOKYOPOP has been bringing the world of manga to North America since 1997, highlighting diverse creators and groundbreaking works. This year they’re returning to San Diego Comic-Con, where you’ll find them at Booth #4037, with a selection of exclusives for fans.

Let’s take a look at TOKYOPOP’s San Diego Comic-Con 2024 exclusives and offerings:

[UPDATE May 23]

Up first, TOKYOPOP will be bringing a convention-exclusive cover of their new STITCH! comic to San Diego Comic-Con this summer. In the comic, Stitch visits a Japanese island near Okinawa, where he befriends a young girl (and karate-enthusiast) named Yuna. Ohana means family, and family leans to explore their adventures through Yuna’s hometown of Izayoi Island.

No word yet on pricing.

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