Under the Tents 2024: Frank Cho, Don Aguillo, Alejandra Reynoso, Alex Ross

Am I the only one freaking out a little bit about there being *less than two months* until San Diego Comic-Con? I keep hearing the numbers “fifty” and “less than fifty” bandied about and frankly, it’s just a tad overwhelming. But instead of focusing on all the info yet to come, let’s focus on some info that we HAVE. It includes exclusive comics, independent comics, legendary comic artists, a handful of panels, and even a few autograph signings. A little bit of something for everyone, even those freaking out a little.

Let’s take a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Everything 90s is coming up roses, and that includes 90s comics. Artist Frank Cho has conjured up a brand new image which will be used for a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive cover of Witchblade #1, a relaunching and revamping of the iconic series. The book will be sold at the Comic Sketch Art booth (booth number TBA) during the show.

  • The good folks over at Cancer Gets Lost, one of the finest 501c3-sponsored nonprofits in the country, will be at San Diego Comic-Con, scouting for some of the rare and extra special items for future charity auctions. Additionally, they will be participating in the annual Lost panel with Jay and Jack from The Lost Podcast.

  • Leading entertainment memorabilia and trading card company Upper Deck will be back at San Diego Comic-Con, according to an update to their events page. This blogger is anxious to find out if there will be an exclusive pack of trading cards for 2024!

  • I’ve got a real problem with buying adorable stationery products and Sara Kipin isn’t helping much. She’s created some super cute washi tape for Dungeon Master and I can already hear it calling my name. How much washi tape is too much washi tape, exactly?

  • Keepers of the Convention History are hard at work on a set of mini-pins recognizing important icons in the history of the original conventions, including the 1964 New York Comicon and the 1939 Worldcon.

  • Was there ever a doubt that we’d see artist Alex Ross on the exhibit floor this year? Of course not! But we love his subtle wink-wink-nudge-nudge style confirmation on Twitter with this video from 2023.

  • File this one under “M” for “mysterious.” Arcana Studios, who specialize in feature films (The Clockwork Girl, Panda vs Aliens), television series (Raven Tales) and comics (10th Muse, Howard Lovecraft) is planning some exciting surprises at San Diego Comic-Con. They have a lot of great options of properties to promote, however will they decide what to bring?

  • Meta Rebels, purveyors of Ethereum blockchain digital collectibles, is making plans for July with a spiffy looking booth set up. No word on if this will be inside the exhibit hall or outside (Petco Park Interactive Zone maybe?) but we’ll certainly know it when we see it thanks to this pic on Twitter.

  • Happy pride month to all those who celebrate. If you’re looking for other likeminded folks, you’re in luck, Julian Jetson’s famous Gay Geeks and Where to Find Them panel will be returning to San Diego Comic-Con.

  • It’s been nothing but teases from enamel pin creators BB-CR8. That’s no complaint, it makes the reveals all the more exciting. Here’s another tease with a vaguely familiar vehicle and background. This will be one of their daily exclusive pins that will have you walking swiftly to their booth. 

  • Filmmaker and motion capture artist Eric Jacobus will have a busy weekend ahead of him in July as he participates in two different panels, on two different subjects. Join him on Thursday for Superhero Kung Fu Extravaganza and then again on Friday for The Science of Action Design. Somehow they sound both entertaining and educational, so bravo to Eric!

  • Bram Stoker Award Winner fine artist Soo Lee will be having her very first San Diego Comic-Con experience in 2024. Soo Lee’s work has been seen in comics and books from Dynamite Entertainment, Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics and many more. Lee promises panels, signings, news and more all while promoting her newest books, Cheetara #1 and Carmilla: The Last Vampire Hunter.

  • We all agree that independent comic book creators are the lifeblood of the industry, right? RIGHT?!?! Ok, now that we’re on the same page, let’s take a look at Scott Cox’s Chronicles of War: Mark, a brand new self-published 190-page graphic novel. Cox is attending the convention as an exhibitor, after a decade of attending as a fan. There will be only 50 copies of the exclusive cover available at the event, with five additional covers also available. Cox and his team will be at booth #Q-13 in Artist Alley.
  • Though no stranger to attending San Diego Comic-Con, Fine Comic Collectibles will be attending as an exhibitor for the first time this year. They will be there with portfolios, frames and sleeves to protect all your newly purchased artwork. Catch them at booth #4919.

  • If you miss Don Aguillo’s beautiful pride variant for Outsiders #8 (out next week!) you could get lucky at SDCC. In a Facebook reel Aguillo assured fans that he will have some copies at the show with him.

  • More panels topics are filtering out, and here are three of them thanks to filmmaker and director Mark A.J. Nazal. According to Nazal’s Instagram post, you can find him at Indie Filmmaking and VFX, Social Issues in Film & Television and AAPI Diversity & Representation in Comics and Media. More details should be revealed two weeks before SDCC.
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  • Three panels is a lot, no doubt, but what about thirteen? That’s our friend Mark Evanier’s running total so far, with more to likely come. Thanks to his post on his blog, we know that his fan favorite Cartoon Voices panels on Saturday and Sunday will be stacked with talent.
  • You didn’t think we had forgotten about AUTOGRAPHS, did you? Of course SDCC is full of autograph opportunities and hopefully we’ll be hearing about more of them soon, but for now we can tell you that voice actor Alejandra Reynoso (Netflix’s Castlevania, Nickelodeon’s Winx Club, Pokémon Horizons) will be signing at booth #701 for TLC Teas, makers of fan-based and pop culture tea blends. 
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But wait! Alejandra won’t be signing alone. You’ll also find voice actor Greg Baldwin (Avatar: The Last Airbender, Samurai Jack) signing during the event. 

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