Under the Tents: Mattel, Prison Break, NECA, The Ninjabot

With San Diego Comic-Con under 90 short days away, we’re starting to see more hints and more announcements coming out. The biggest one, of course, was Marvel’s triumphant return to SDCC. If you missed that one, you can read about it here. Beneath the din of excitement over Marvel, there were more announcements made. We were there to track them down.

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • The Prison Break writers official Twitter account is encouraging con-goers to cosplay as Prison Break characters at SDCC this year. Since their latest installment was only supposed to be a 10-episode run, and no renewal announcement has been made, an actual Prison Break presence is highly unlikely, they told a fan on Twitter. Hope springs eternal, however, so we’ll keep our eyes open for more news.

  • With last year’s demise of MattyCollector, there’s been a lot of questions about how this year’s exclusive buying process would work. While it’s not the full details yet, we did learn one thing – new this year, Mattel San Diego Comic-Con exclusives will ONLY be available to attendees. This possibly implies that these SDCC exclusives won’t be shipped or sold anywhere else. That’s great news for many – and we’ll update with more specifics as we get them.

  • Illustrator and comic artist Jen Bartel revealed her pinup for the upcoming Saga hardcover, and announced that copies and prints will be available at SDCC.

Here’s a look at the art, via Twitter:

#Flying #Dweores? Pick for the new #book for #SDCC2017

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  • If the CCI powers that be left you wanting this year after Returning/Open Registration, Bluefin Brands distributors have a proposition for you. They’re looking for volunteers to help set up/tear down, manage lines, keep shelves stocked, etc. In return, they’re offering a complimentary SDCC badge, head-of-line privileges, and a 35% discount. For more details on this generous offer and to fill out their volunteer form, head to their Volunteer Page.

Now that we’re down to double-digit days until SDCC 2017, we expect more announcements will be coming shortly. As always, we’ll keep our eyes on the Internet and let you know what we find.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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Andy Wagner
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  • raybdc97

    Holy Be-Jesus Batman…Mattel got the message the angry mob of nerds was sending them…

    Mattel – “We’re sorry, SDCC items are exclusive to Comic Con and won’t be sold anywhere else. We apologize for any disappointment.”

    Don’t be sorry Mattel…this is how it should have always been. #RespectRestored

    Now to get everyone else to follow suit.

  • keeleon

    I’m happy that they changed this back to what it should be. But I’m sad that now I won’t be able to get anything :/

  • raybdc97

    They can still do a pre-sale and pickup so everyone can still get their stuff, they just need to do it right. Like having a designated day and time rather then waiting in line for hours and killing your con time.

  • keeleon

    That’s my biggest gripe. I actually like their pre order off site pickup in theory. But hen the only hours they’re open are the same times everything else is going in, it makes me have to pick whether I want to wait 2 hours (behind scalpers picking up pallets) or actually enjoy Comicon. In the least, they could be open during lunch so I could eat while waiting.

    And I’m mostly just talking about how, now that the items have gone back to Con exclusive, the demand will go up exponentially meaning they will sell out within minutes in the presale to scalpers.

  • raybdc97

    I feel your PAIN keeleon…

    Most of these issue can be solved by being open for pickup before and after the Con opens, so we don’t have to burn precious Con time waiting in line.

    Scapers can be held to a minimum if companies go back to focusing on promoting and celebrating true fans rather than making the “exclusives” to make a huge profit.
    Here’s How:
    1)Companies start taking a hard line on selling to Vendors (vendor badge…no sale, no pickup.
    2) limiting sales to a few each or only 1 each per comiccon badge.
    3) pre sales that have easy pickup.
    4) no badge, no sale, no pickup.

    It’s not rocket science when you take the corporate greed factor out of the equation.

  • keeleon

    Problem is scalpers will find a way around it regardless. There’s already limits on quantity, they just get multiple people to buy the max. And some exclusives already have “no vendor” policies, so vendors just buy regular badges or use their friends. If something MSRPs at $50, and they know they can sell it for $150, they’ll have a dozen people buy it and pay them $20 each.

    In all honesty, I don’t even really blame them necessarily. I’ve bought things to resell before, it’s pretty standard capitalism. It just REALLY sucks when I had to wait in line for 2 hours to pick up 3 things while like 6 people in front of me were picking up literally dozens of everything and just stacking them against the wall, only to take them inside the hall and sell them for double. Really they should have like an “express” pickup line for people who only have 1 or 2 things.