LEGO San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Exclusives [UPDATE July 18]

When it comes to San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, everything is awesome when it comes to LEGO’s choices the last several years. The few fortunate souls that get their hands on Lego SDCC exclusives become owners of some of the priciest prizes of all. These exclusives are incredibly difficult to get their hands on and keep their value high.

In order to purchase LEGO’s exclusives, you’ll need to draw a ticket upstairs on the Pavilion Terrace, beginning as early as 6AM daily.  Tickets to purchase must be redeemed on the same day or purchase is forfeited. If their mini-figure distribution works the same as last year, that line should start around 12:30PM on the Pavilion Terrace.

Here’s what’s awesome this year from LEGO:

[UPDATE July 18] The wait for information on LEGO Minifigures is finally over! TV Insider unveiled the first of LEGO’s minifigures: Vixen from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, which will be given away on Friday, July 21 and Sunday, July 23. To get your hands on the awesome LEGO minifig, you’ll need to visit the Pavilion Terrace (right by the Sails Pavilion, outside on the Terrace) at 12:30PM each day to enter an instant drawing giveaway. There’s a limit of one drawing per person per day.

For those not attending San Diego Comic-Con — or who just don’t luck out on the drawing — you can follow @LEGO_Group and the hashtag #LEGOSDCC on Twitter for a chance to win the exclusive LEGO minifigure giveaways and exclusive retail sets.

[UPDATE June 27]

Another day, and another LEGO San Diego Comic-Con exclusive (and possibly the last one this year?). revealed a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive BrickHeadz Supergirl and Martian Manhunter set, which will retail for $40 and be available on Friday, July 21 and Sunday, July 23. Just like with the other LEGO exclusive set, you’ll need to first snag a ticket from the LEGO Pavilion Terrace line upstairs near Sails as early as 6AM, before proceeding to Booth #2829 to complete your purchase.

From, here’s a look:

[UPDATE June 26]

The Hollywood Reporter has unveiled LEGO’s first San Diego Comic-Con offerings this year: a set of Marvel Spider-Man and Venom BrickHeadz. The 144-piece set will retail for $40, and will only be available on Thursday, July 20 and Saturday, July 22 (meaning that just like last year, they’ll likely have another exclusive available for purchase on Friday and Sunday of the con). In order to purchase, you’ll need to first snag a ticket from the LEGO Pavilion Terrace line upstairs near Sails as early as 6AM, before proceeding to Booth #2829 to complete your purchase.

From THR, here’s a look:

Will you be making a beeline to the LEGO booth? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Jason C

    I wonder if there will only be two sets of Brickheadz this year, since last year each set had their own release day.

  • That’s what we’re thinking, since this one’s available two days.

  • TK421

    Lego is getting lazy. They need to have an exclusive each day. They went to the same mini-figure for 2 days alternating last year vs a unique one each day.

  • maxhdrm

    Ok so things have changed over the years so I am hoping to be enlightened. The convention doesn’t open it’s doors until 9:30am and the “everything else” line stars on the lawn near Hall H and the Hall H line so how is it that we can get Lego Tickets @ 6:30am? Does this apply to any ticket we want/need like autograph tickets too? Are we lining up @ 6:30am and waiting until 12:30pm to get the tickets (I know sounds stupid but I choose to be well informed) or are we coming back with our tickets @ 12:30pm for pick-up? Is there a separate line that waits upstairs from the outside? Perhaps this will be in another video. Since it’s been 13 years from my last, your previous walk through video was very helpful. I found areas that were never years back then and shortcuts. Thank you for doing those vids

  • Morten Sandorff

    Or maybe there are bringing a mix of Headz and figs – I woulndt mind them bringing back figs 🙂 However LTG dislikes collectible items for their value improvement – so maybe they want higher number of same set to keep prices lower

  • They open their doors by like 6/6:30AM, actually – it’s just you move from the outside line to the inside one until the floor opens. But upstairs, lines like the WB ticket draws and the LEGO draws can start as soon as you’re inside around 6AM.

    Two different LEGO drawings (assuming it’s the same as last year) – 6:30AM is for exclusives, 12:30PM is for the minifigs, Make sense?

  • Akiba4tN8

    I’ve never had any luck w/ the Mini-figs, basically if ur not at least on the stairs in front of the marina, there’s a good chance u won’t get one. Some claim 50% odds at the scanner but it seems more like 75%-80% chance to me, that’s why I was so bummed I couldn’t snag one a few years back after trying twice. Last year they ran out b4 I got near the top… Can anyone confirm the scan odds as quoted by Lego?

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  • zonkttc

    There is no scan odds quoted officially by Lego.

  • zonkttc

    yay another year i am not complied to keep the Lego sets for myself, just another item to help pay for my trip.

  • leezus2000

    You just gotta get their earlier lol. I got 2 atoms and 1 cap last year.

  • maxhdrm

    I think so, so is it a choice for those in the “everything else” line to wait in the pavilion line for Lego or anything else needing a ticket (like autographs) or do they just start shuffling the “everything else” line into the inside before the convention floor opens and you go from there to the ticketed lines? I loved your previous walk through video and would love another follow up possibly from the inside of the convention and how to navigate. I have two kids under 12 needing registration. Will I be able to do this BEFORE the floor doors open. so we can get back in line waiting to actually go in?

  • maxhdrm

    I have to be honest, these things are down right ugly. I like lego sets especially the big stuff but these…woof…what happened to THAT idea. Someone trying to cap on Funko Pops perhaps or the Chibi movement? a little late to the game Lego

  • maxhdrm

    Ok Leezus…define early and how early would you say for a Sunday?

  • Djai Freehugs

    I am so disappointed again with Lego this year. Last year they already released 4 different set of Brickheadz. Again, Brickheadz?!?! no offense to the Brickheadz lovers but this gotta be the ugliest thing ever. #LEGOFUNKOPOP

  • Kyle

    They’re revealing a new one each day…

  • Djai Freehugs

    So, they are going to have 2 exclusive per day? Brickheadz and another type of exclusive?

  • keeleon

    Not to mention that these things are double what they should cost. Not only are they lazy, but they’re also greedy :/

  • leezus2000

    I believe I began lining up about an hour after Lego finished with the raffle for their exclusive sets. I may have even began lining up right after.

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  • Past two years…not only has LEGO been doing Brickheadz, but they’re also releasing less minifigures and instead overlapping them on alternating days. It seems as if LEGO either can’t get the booth experience/ticketing system right, or they are falling far short on their exclusives. Extreme disappointment…

  • Djai Freehugs


  • Gwenpool

    I got free ones last year at the Marvel giveaway hour. I don’t know if DC has something similar, but it’s worth a try!

  • Erick P

    I think they missed an opportunity to feature a cool and/or obscure character from the LEGO Batman Movie for their DC minifig this year. Two years in a row with Legends of Tomorrow characters, really.

  • maxhdrm

    I so have other things to spend good money on and you can only get the figures by luck of the draw? Well at least it’s not a win/lose lottery. Maybe hasbro, funko and others that have the lottery system should just switch to raffles. You win and they text you to come pick it up

  • Mark Glackin

    I agree who likes these things, it’s like the Pops fad.