10 SDCC Exclusive Collectibles Include Dexter, Twilight Zone, Transformers, and More

A variety of cool toys and collectibles:

Transformers – During this year’s Toy Fair Hasbro annouced that one of there SDCC Exclusives will be a re-issue of Blaster (the Transformer). The only information known right now is that re-issues of Steeljaw, Ramhorn, and Eject will also be included. Take a look:

Hasbro also announced that a new Transformers Mighty Mugg will be available but nothing is known about that yet. Thanks to TFormers.com for the heads-up.

Sergeant Slaughter – Another recently announced Hasbro exclusive is a 3-3/4″ figure of Sergeant Slaughter. This professional wrestler is also scheduled to have an appearance at the Hasbro booth to promote these. The figure itself is not SDCC exclusive, but two versions of it are. The main one includes black pants, a microphone, a baton, and a G.I.Joe belt. Check it out:

The varient version has camouflage trousers, a rifle, and a revolver. Take a look:

Thanks to Geek Week for the info.

Star Wars – The final Hasbro exlcusive that they announced was a two-pack of the Darth Maul and Owen Lars figures that will come with a reprint of a Star Wars: Visionaries comic. No details are known but I’ll keep you guys updated. Take a look:

Dexter: Entertainment Earth is releasing these two awesome Dexter collectibles. The first is a bobble-head with Dexter and his Son that has a spring under both of their heads. It’s only $15 and looks very cool. You can buy them at the EE booth (#2343) or order them here for delivery after the con in August. Take a look:

The other collectible is an action figure of Dexter in a jumpsuit. It’s 7″ tall and includes a saw and welder’s mask. Like the other figure, you can pre-order it here or get it at their SDCC booth. Take a look:

Twilight Zone: Entertainment Earth also has five SDCC-Exclusive Twilight Zone bobble-heads. Like the Dexter offerings, these can be bought at their booth or pre-ordered at their site and delivered in August for those not at the convention. Take a look at each one:

– Mystic Seer Bobble Head – $15 – Episode “Nick of Time” –

– Talky Tina Bobble Head – $20 – Episode “Living Doll” –

– Kanamit Bobble Head – $15 – Episode “To Serve Man” –

– Invader Bobble Head – $15 – Episode “The Invaders” –

– Gremlin Bobble Head – $20 – Episode “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” –

Are you going to pick any of these up?

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