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Over 20 More Exclusive Collectibles Revealed

A ton of SDCC exclusive collectibles were recently unveiled. To put all of them into one post I split the announcements into companies. Take a look:

Hasbro: In addition to the previously announced Sargent Slaughter and Transformers collectibles, Hasbro will also have an Iron Man Mighty Mugg with sliding faceplate, 19 inch Galactus as part of the Marvel Universe line, and Ultimate Capt. America and Ages of Thunder Thor figures for the 3.75 inch line as con exclusives. Take a look at the Mighty Mugg:

Mattel: Matty Collector has a huge list here of all the exclusives. The ones I liked best were the Masters of the Universe Mo-Larr vs Skeletor Figures ($40), Plastic Man Figure ($20), and the Ghostbusters Peter Venkman figure ($20). Click the link to see the rest.

Mezco: In addition to their Batman And Joker Mez-Its, Mezco recently announced a set of Kick-Ass Mez-Its will debut at the con. Here’s a photo of them:

Disney: Tron Legacy is going to the con in full force and Disney is bringing the premiere of tons of merchandising for fans to get their hands on. These include action figures, keyboards, gaming controllers, and iPod docks. The coolest item is a remote-controlled light-cycle that can drive on walls. Take a look at video of the items below and read more about them here.

Sideshow: Known for their very high-quality items and huge prices, Sideshow has five exclusives for this year’s convention. Ranging from Predator to Star Wars they all look fantastic and can be seen here.

Underground Toys: A popular booth every year, Underground revealed that their first exclusive for this year’s SDCC is a figure of The Eleventh Doctor with the Dalek Scientist. These will be sold at both BBC and Underground’s booth and will most likely be very popular will all the Doctor Who fans in attendance. Take a look:

Do you plan to buy any of these?

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