Guest Post: Comic-Con 2011 Swag

Please welcome blog reader and now guest blogger for the site, Megan Gotch. Megan wrote up a post about all the great swag she received at this year’s Comic-Con, so I asked her if we could repost here – good thing she said yes!

Megan is a photographer and San Diego resident who has been attending Comic-Con for the past three years. She loves Futurama, SDCC, Firefly, Being Human and “all things celebrity”. You can follower her on Twitter at @megangotch or her blog at

I MISS COMIC CON!!!  So much so that I had to blog about it one more time!  I got so much awesome swag this year that just gets put where no one can see it, so I want to share it with you all!!!

It is hard to pick a FAVORITE thing, but it just might have to be my mockingjay pin from the Lionsgate booth.  It is heavy and made of real metal, it is super nice!  VERY hard to acquire so I am quite proud of it, EVERYONE was asking me to trade them for something, but NO this was my badge of honor! 🙂  Also was happy to get the Being Human buttons and the Breaking Dawn buttons, they had the SDCC logo, which makes them even more special! 🙂

I pride myself on being a Nerd!  So was happy to get a Nerd HQ lanyard and bracelet while visiting them for the Nathan Fillion panel.  Both are on display in my Nerd Mobile (car:))

I got a BUNCH of Phineas & Ferb stuff this year…LOVE THAT SHOW!  Buttons and a mouse pad, 3 backpacks and not pictured is the poster for their new movie.

The Conan Museum of Art had to have the best OVERALL swag!  I got oven mitts, buttons, T-shirt and posters.  And the T-shirt was actually in my size so I was able to wear it the next day to the con!…..WHEN….

I was able to meet the cast of Being Human…just wanted to share my favorite moment EVER again!!:)

I already have a bag addiction, purses, shopping bags, reusable bags, so SDCC is not condusive to that addiction.  They give out bags there like candy!  And with my addiction I will take any bag I can get.  Was supper excited to again this year get my Dexter bag, better than last year, but not better than the 1st year.  LOVE the WB swag bag they give away at check it, this year it was a back pack and it was perfect!  Wearing it like a messenger bag was too long for me!  The P&F bags were great!  so CUTE used mine all SDCC.  And the Pan Am bag, SUPER popular, was GREAT quality messenger bag, my Dad scored to different style of those bags.

My favorite thing I paid for was my Futurama stuff!  Nothing can beat the 1st year we attended SDCC and their Futurama exclusive, but this years were pretty cool too.  The Bender is adorable.  We also ordered the Robot Devil plush and Destructor figure which is going to be pretty big! I was happily surprised by the calender this year…last years was EH!  But this year is all the character have their own magazine cover spoof.  Really like when they get creative with the calendar instead of just reusing old pictures.  And was able to get the new comic!

This past week have been sad that it is over, but was so happy to be able to attend and have the best SDCC of the 3 years I have been going,…of course can’t wait till next year!

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