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Reminder: MattyCollector SDCC “After Party” Online Sale Today

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If you weren’t able to attend this year’s SDCC, or you did but came home empty-handed, take note. MattyCollector will be holding an online sale, dubbed the “After Party” sale, starting today at noon ET/9AM PT. And it’s not just leftovers, either. They’ll be putting some sought-after items on sale, including the hot Monster High Scarah Screams doll. Here’s the full list … Read More

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SDCC 2012 Hasbro Exclusives: Lineup and Prices Announced

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One of our favorite things about Comic-Con is the annual Hasbro exclusives. There’s something to be said about the term “Christmas in July” when carrying an Avengers S.H.I.E.L.D. Super Hellicarrier under one arm and a Transformers Deluxe Bruticus Combiner under the other, and a Pegasus My Little Pony thrown in the sack for good measure. Well, now we know just how … Read More

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Hasbro’s Super Hellicarrier Joins Announced Marvel Exclusives at SDCC

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We’ve been holding back for the full announcement of Hasbro exclusives for this year’s SDCC, but we just can’t contain our excitement for what was announced today. Avengers fans, you’re gonna want to see this. The Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex released a picture and description of what will be, literally, one of the biggest pieces of merchandise at the … Read More

View Post Offers Refunds for 2011 Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Figure

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If you were lucky enough to get your hands on the 2011 SDCC-exclusive Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Figure, you might want to recount your blessings. They just might have yellowed over time. Kidding aside, it appears some figures have started to yellow in the months following last year’s SDCC, which says is “due to an unforeseen chemical reaction … Read More

View Post SDCC 2012 Voucher Pre-Sale Info [UPDATED]

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[UPDATE May 25, 2012] MattyCollector has posted the details of its May 30 SDCC voucher pre-sale. Some of the specifics: There is a purchase limit of six units per person per product, on all products. Your credit card will be charged upon purchase of the voucher. A photo ID and printout of email confirming the voucher purchase are both required … Read More

First Look at the SDCC Exclusive X-Force Mini-Mates

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UPDATE: Pricing has been announced and the set is $17. The pack is also available for pre-order here if you aren’t attending the con (in that case they will be delivered sometime in August). If you are attending, you can wait for details on which booth will be selling them. (Thanks to @DeadpoolBugle on Twitter for the tip) Above are the Minimates that … Read More

Fun Batman and Joker Mez-Itz are Con Exclusives

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As more companies roll out their plans for the con, SDCC exclusives are becoming available for Pre-Order and here we have some that might be a hot item in the Exhibit Hall. Mezco Toys released pictures and Pre-Orders for their Batman and Joker Mez-Itz that will debut at the con as summer exclusives. These figures are 6-inches tall and come in a pack … Read More