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Under The Tents: Artist Confirmations, Impractical Jokers, MattyCollector, Scott Snyder, Ghostbusters LEGO

Seems like not a day goes by now without getting some news or confirmations about SDCC, though it’s still half a year away. This week, we’ve got confirmations from several artists, including fan favorite Scott Snyder, as well as news of an offsite event and a possible update on MattyCollector’s exclusives for the con.

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • Mariah Huehner, writer of True Blood comics, has shared via her Twitter account that yes, she is definitely hoping to be at SDCC this year.

  • Comic book artist Todd Nauck, who has worked on Spider-ManYoung Justice, and Invincible Universe, has also confirmed via Twitter that he’ll be attending San Diego Comic-Con, and that his booth will be next to fellow artist Norm Rapmund (The Flash).

  • Fantasy novelist and author of such books as Assassin’s Apprentice and Dragon Keeper Robin Hobb has confirmed via her website that not only will she be keeping up with her writing in July, she will also once again be attending SDCC.  Hobb writes:

July.  Write like crazy for the first half. For the second half, brace myself for a visit to San Diego and Comic Con International, still often referred to as SDCC. Exhausting and amazing event.

  • Comedy troupe The Tenderloins, who currently star in the TruTV reality series Impractical Jokers, will be doing a comedy show during Comic-Con. Comedian James Murray of the group confirmed via Twitter that they will be performing, with more details announcing soon.

  • Adobe Photoshop team member and artist Daniel Presedo has made confirmation via his Twitter that he will once again be attending SDCC.  Last year Daniel was a member of the Adobe Photoshop Insights panel, and his tweet mentions that there are some fun things in store for this year’s Con. Does this possibly mean another panel?  We will update if we hear anything.

…we are also excited to bring the Doomsday prison suit figure out as our SDCC figure. This figure was originally intended as the Tier 1 sub-only figure, but as he was developed already, much like the four quarterly figures, we wanted to find a way to still get him out there.

I can confirm that 2014 will most definitely be the final year for 6” Four Horsemen style figures. We were very successful in using as a channel to get two and half more years of product to fans after retailers moved away from the 6” form factor to some more retail-friendly product. Unfortunately, with rising costs (something we have very little control over), producing the DC figures, at about 250+ characters, has for the most part eclipsed what some fans are willing to pay.

While the quarterly releases and Doomsday Prison suit are the final figures in this line, we are just too in love with this form factor to let toy history fade away. So I can announce officially that there will be a surprise at New York Toy Fair next month to commemorate the end of an era. (No, it is not Unleashed Doomsday; again, he needed the full year at Tier 2 level to move forward and we didn’t even hit Tier 1). What will this surprise be? Let’s just say it is something a lot of fans have been asking for and a great way to give a heroic sendoff to one of the greatest toy lines of all time! More details on February 16 at

Whether this surprise will be another SDCC exclusive remains to be seen, but we’ll know more at Toy Fair next month.

  • Eisner and Harvey award winning writer Scott Snyder, of American Vampire, Batman and Superman Unchained fame, announced via Twitter he will indeed be at SDCC this year.

  • While CCI had already announced that New York Times best-selling author Francesco Francavilla would be one of their Special Guests this year, Francavilla has also confirmed via Twitter that he will have a table at the convention, and be offering some exclusive prints.

  • J.K. Woodward, Comic book illustrator of such titles as Fallen Angel and X-Men Origins: The Beast, announced via his Twitter account that he will definitely be attending SDCC this year.

  • Lastly, LEGO CUUSOO announced the winner of its Fall 2013 review: It’s the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary set!

Pricing and release date are still to be announced and expected later this year. Could SDCC 2014 be when this set is first available to the public, as with the Back To The Future DeLorean last year? Time will tell, but we’re counting the days when we get our hands on this beauty.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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