WonderCon Volunteering Opens Monday

wondercon anaheim convention center 3If you haven’t already purchased your badge for WonderCon, there’s another way to attend the popular Anaheim convention: volunteering. The Toucan Blog announced the particulars of how and when Volunteer Registration will take place, and you’ve at least got the weekend to prepare.

While Comic-Con’s volunteer registration, done in two rounds for returning volunteers and then again for new volunteers, filled up in “mere minutes”, WonderCon’s volunteer registration is expected to go a little slower.

On the morning of Monday, March 3, beginning at 9AM PST, you can log into your Member ID and select the ‘Volunteering’ tab. From there, you can select “Click Here to Register”, and choose which days you’d like to be a volunteer for a two-hour shift. On each of your selected dates, you’ll receive a free badge. Your two-hour shift and exact job description will be determined at a later date, but when not “on duty”, volunteers are free to explore all that the convention has to offer (which so far includes the world premiere of Son of Batman, and a whole lot more, though sadly no Marvel).

You can read the full announcement on the Toucan Blog.

With WonderCon open registration still running, along with hotels, and press registration also behind us — all that’s left to be announced is Professional Registration.

Will you be volunteering for WonderCon? Let us know in the comments.

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